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Thoughts from Family Members About Religious Freedom Rallies

As Christian women trying our best to live our Catholic Faith, we are very aware of the immorality of using artificial contraceptives.
We were discussing the unprecedented rise in breast cancer with a good friend,a bit younger than us, who happens to be a Radiologist. He said that when he was in Med school and the early years of his practice, cancer of the breast was seen rarely; in fact, about equal in both men and women.  With the introduction of 'the Pill' in our society,breast cancer in women has sky-rocketed, and has become a major issue. It doesn't take a genius to figure this one out - -however, the drug companies and our government want to lead us like sheep to the slaughter. It creates a whole lucrative business for many, including physicians who are greedy and immoral themselves.
This breast cancer fundraising foundation is a sham, because those in charge already know "the cure" to quickly bring down the numbers of victims.
Yes, this disease can run in families. My own Aunt Margaret had a radical mastectomy because of it (long before the existence of the pill!), but she died years later of heart disease.
If you know any women you care about, please let them know that ingesting birth control pills is playing with fire, and absolutely not worth the physical consequences, to say nothing of the moral.
Hey, if everyone quit taking the Pill, it would really upset Obama's apple cart! And the results would be  better health for all.....                     
                               Joan M. Dunlap  (My Mother, Mother of 12, Grandmother of 33)

A brief response from one of my sisters:
You should send this also to your grandsons. When married, it is their shared responsibility to make sure they do not let their wives take these poisonous chemicals. 

An Award Winning Essay from my niece Claire D'Costa in Denver.  She won First Place in the Archdiocese of Denver's Pro-life Essay Contest:

My knees were aching as the stones penetrated through my skin;  I was kneeling in prayer at the parking lot across the street from Planned Parenthood. In my heart, I knew this pain was nothing  compared to the suffering inside that building. I knew that the power of my prayers were helping a mother feel love and compassion for the child in her womb. 
             Human life is created when a child is conceived in their mothers womb. Therefore, by definition, an abortion is an election to terminate a human life.(1) “Doctors” at abortion clinics tell women that it is okay to have an abortion because the child is not alive, but they are wrong. In fact, many of these same “Doctors” took the Hippocratic Oath to practice medicine ethically and yet they prescribe an unethical and immoral answer to these women.  In our society, killing an innocent human being is wrong and illegal - but why is killing an innocent baby not wrong?  In 1973, the right to have an abortion became legal in the United States. In the U.S. Supreme Court case of  Roe v Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973), the highest Court in our land ruled that a woman had the right to have an abortion. (2)  And even though the Court made this ruling based on its interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution, we as a country struggle with the weight of this cross from an ethical, moral and  psychological point of view. How do we reconcile the Laws of Man versus the Laws of God. Here are some real stories for life.
            During the last year,  I was able to go to the Planned Parenthood building and pray outside. While I was there, I realized how sad an abortion is and how the abortion center was a hopeless place.  In my heart, I felt like women only entered this place because they had lost hope.  There were two people with us in prayer and they shared their personal stories. One man told us about his mother, who was pregnant with him as a teenager. She seriously considered an abortion, but somehow she had a change of heart and had her child. Now this man has six children of his own and if his mother had gone through with the abortion her grandchildren would never have been born. (3) The second story was told by a  close family friend. She and a group of women were kneeling in prayer outside the abortion clinic. One of the women in the group had read that kneeling while praying the rosary had a big impact on people who passed by. While they were reciting the rosary a man drove by and honked and gave them a thumbs-up. Later the same man drove up again, but this time he got out of his car. He told the women that 25 years ago he had brought his girlfriend to this same clinic to have an abortion. This was the only baby that this man has ever had, and he had great regret and sadness about that decision.(4) Many people think that women are the only ones effected by abortion, but as this story indicates, an abortion has a profound effect on the man as well.  Finally, my father also told me a story of a woman who was considering abortion. When she was driving into to the abortion clinic, she saw people praying outside, and she realized that they were praying for her and her baby. This had a very huge impact on her, and she decided not to give up and have the abortion. A few days ago she brought her 12 day old baby to meet the group that had been praying for her and her child.(5) It was an incredible experience.
            Each of these stories demonstrates how prayer really helped these people and made all the difference. Sometimes we doubt the power of prayer, but it is the most powerful weapon against evil in the world.
            As a young person, I sometimes feel that I cannot do anything big to stop abortion. But these wonderful stories show me that I have an incredible power to save lives. Constant prayer is the answer, and one day we will witness the power of our prayers for this great cause. Every day approximately 3,700 babies are aborted in the U.S. And since the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision, there have been more than 50 million abortions in our country. (6) In our own community we have the second largest Planned Parenthood center in the country, but right next door to  this “desert of death”, the Catholic community is building the Lighthouse Pregnancy Center as  “place for life”. (7) It is time for all of us to join together in collective prayer for our great country and the end of this culture of death. 

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