Monday, October 7, 2013

Never a Clear Head

I could really care less which bureaucrats are or are not being paid.  I do think we could pay China by sending the entire Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, the NSA the IRS and OSHA to them.  We could include all of the union leadership, everyone who has ever worked for the Obama administration, all of the Democrats and most of the Republicans in office.

Or maybe we could just shut down all of those offices and send them the money we save.

I'm not writing much these days because I'm working an extra job.  I'm working an extra job because since 2008 the economy has been tinkered to death by the same bureaucrats who are refusing to talk to each other, but are more than willing to spout nasty ad hominem attacks.  These are people who are paid ridiculous salaries to surround themselves with people who are paid ridiculous salaries who do nothing but bitch, whine and bitch some more.

When a good man, like Ted Cruz, takes a stand, the bottom-feeders of the fifth estate decide to only show us clips of him reading a Dr. Seuss book to his daughers.  No mention of the serious thought he put into his arguments.  No analysis of his valid points.

And then I try to find some sanity in the Catholic press, only to see that the Pope is talking.  What he actually said has been distorted and parsed to the point that one wonders if he ever really spoke to anyone in the first place.

Where  oh where are the problem solvers?  Where are the truth speakers?  Where is the level head?