Sunday, September 15, 2013

Letting the Government Define Us

I'm fascinated by the prospect of the Federal government defining who a 'journalist' is and enshrining that definition in federal law.  It is particularly interesting since the same moral relativists who didn't want the definition of marriage that was the Defense of Marriage Act, now want to tell people that without the proper credentials they cannot publish as journalists.

In full disclosure, I am not now, nor have I ever been a journalist.  I blog.  I have owned several journals over my lifetime.  I tended to use them to chronicle angst that would put Alanis Morisette to shame.  Faith and a happy marriage put an end to all of that.

I'm no reporter either.  The intended definition of 'journalist' does seem to be more appropriate for a reporter.  Enough teasers...

The Judiciary Committee is "defining a "covered journalist" as an employee, independent contractor or agent of an entity that disseminates news or information. The individual would have been employed for one year within the last 20 or three months within the last five years."  (Donna Cassata.

This is supposed to be a response to the Justice Department secretly subpoenaing two months of telephone records from the Associated Press, and emails and more from James Rosen (and his parents!) at Fox News.  The craziness of this response is that it is trying to 'protect' the press from government over-reach and intrusion.  This narrow definition will provide no protection for you, however, if you talk about politics on the phone, or share comments via email and the NSA is listening to you that day.

Also note that Senators, Schumer, Feinstein, and Durbin, who have all argued that corporations are evil, now are granting freedom of speech only to those who can show some evidence of a relationship to corporate news.  

So if you weren't interested in Catholics and other Christians who have been pushed into violating their religious beliefs via the HHS mandate, perhaps you want to protect freedom of speech for little bloggers like me.

Or maybe you'll go along with this restriction of freedoms because you will be one of the 'journalists' protected by it.  I would caution you that dancing that close to a fire generally does not end well.  Ask the Jews who thought that because they didn't practice their faith, and they worked closely with the Nazis, they would be protected.  Oh wait, you can't. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Integrity, or the Lack Thereof

As President Obama continues to stick out his lower lip, cross his arms, and stamp his feet because no one at the G20 summit wants to go to war with him....

I think about the times I've reluctantly agreed with going to war.  Not that the consent of a Midwestern mom has much effect on geopolitics, but war does need the support of the people.  I agreed with Afghanistan because we were going after Al Queda.  I agreed with Iraq because of the weapons of mass destruction, and I TRUSTED THE PEOPLE MAKING THE DECISIONS.

In Syria, there are certainly weapons of mass destruction.  Both sides in this conflict have them.  It is unclear who has used them.  It is clear that Christians are suffering as they are attacked by all of the other players in the conflicts in Syria and Egypt.  But the suffering of Christians is of no concern to this president.

Every time this president is faced with a moral question, he sides against the Christian beliefs he claims to hold.  Abortion, check.  Gay marriage, check.  Freedom of worship, check.  HHS mandate, check.  Jihad 'work-place' violence in the military, check.  Muslim Brotherhood tyranny in Egypt, check.  Spying on American journalists, check.  Letting our Libyan Ambassador die without assistance, check.  Just to be clear, when a person in power lies repeatedly, obfuscates, and attacks those who question his authority, he has no integrity.  It is not racist to say so.  It would be racist to suggest that Obama is held to a different standard because he's black. 

So when a president most needs to rely on his integrity, President Obama has none.  In my list above, I specifically avoid mentioning all of the obfuscation and lies about his childhood, his college years, any part of his background before he accidentally told Joe the Plumber about his infiltration plans as our new communist leader.  I really don't know who thought giving him the Noble Peace Prize was necessary, but the why is obvious.  The handlers of the Manchurian Candidate recognized that his resume was a little thin.

So how do the handlers make Manchurian Obama appear to have integrity?  I don't think even they can schedule enough indoctrination meetings on the golf course to make that happen.  The jig is up.

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Look at How We Arrived on the Brink of WWIII in Pictures

Photo posted by member of the US ArmyA man holds the body of a dead child among bodies of people activists say were killed by nerve gas in the Ghouta region. 
The Outstanding Public Debt as of 02 Sep 2013 at 11:12:12 PM GMT is:

$ 1 6 , 7 4 6 , 5 7 6 , 5 3 3 , 5 3 9 . 5 4

In short, we have sown discord in every facet of our lives.  May God have mercy on us all.

My thanks to Google Images and their search engine that allowed me to think of an image and find it in moments.