Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why I believe Herman Cain

Have you ever worked in a restaurant?    There's something about serving food and drinks that can bring out the concupiscence in otherwise modest people.  I remember being told to dress a little sexy to increase my tips.  I remember having a customer reach inside my apron top as I delivered his food.  I remember my manager asking the customer if there had been a problem when I refused to return to the table.

Restaurant people can be really sleazy.  Not all of them, but sometimes.  Even, and maybe especially in high-end restaurants, trollops of all sorts, male and female will work the lounge. Some of them rise through the ranks and become members of the National Restaurant Association.  If you are a woman at a convention run by the NRA, you may be tempted to dress like a sexy hostess.  That would be your choice.  If a normal man gives you a compliment, and you don't want him to, you may feel uncomfortable.

Then you have two choices:  1.  Smile, say thank you, and forget about it, or 2.  ruminate on it, feel offended, and lawyer-up.

A  non-sexual gesture that made you feel uncomfortable may remind you of times when you were truly violated, but that is not the real offense.  You were treated like a serving wench  in your past, so radar may be a little touchy.  And it may just be misguided.

Black men like Herman Cain have been treated in this country like they are always on the make.  This was one of the more common accusations that could result in a lynching not too long back in our history.  For as sleazy as the high-end restaurant business can be,  the family restaurants tend to be far less so.    So Herman Cain was associated with a pizza chain, not the places where vixens hunt.  At least that was true until he was president of the NRA.  But most people are not likely to lose core principles when they change jobs.  Isn't that the reason we hoped for change that never came with our current president.  (Not that I thought he would change, nor did I commit the mortal sin of voting for him.)

Today Herman Cain said he was aware of a severance package given to his accusers.  He did not say he was aware of a settlement.  I know several people who have received severance packages.  A severance package is not an omission of guilt. 

The accusers can't come forward unless someone is willing to release them from their non-disclosure statement.  That would be the best thing that could happen for Herman Cain.  I believe that would show their allegations to be completely false.  After all, they would have to describe the  non-sexual gestures that made them feel uncomfortable. 

I'm tired of women on the media wearing low-cut dresses and too much make-up telling me that men should be able to make eye-contact when women are talking.  If a woman wants to avoid feeling uncomfortable in the presence of a man, maybe she could just dress modestly.  Or if she dresses to attract attention, she should accept the consequences. It takes two to tango.  Don't attract attention if you don't want it.