Saturday, September 24, 2011

Can't Stop the Rant

If you don't want to share a dark moment, don't read this post.

My candidate of choice for president, Thaddeus McCotter,  pulled out this week.  And he endorsed ROMNEY.  Blech. I put my yard sign away.

A student in my university class gave a great Christian witness in his first speech, and it was received well.  Then for the second speech, a different student will be speaking on how to conjure demons.  Blech. I'm packing my holy water and rosary.

My family is arguing over who will host a combined birthday party for my brother and my mother.  I want to do it, but apparently the conventional wisdom is that I don't have enough furniture.  Blech.  We'll probably go out to eat.

Blech. Blech, Blech.  That's about all I can manage.

Underlying all of this blech is deep feeling that we can no longer stop God from punishing us for our sins.  I fast.  I pray.  I receive the sacraments.  But even in saying that, I know that what I'm talking about is what I do, not what God does.  I expect He's near the end of his patience.

How else could God react when we fund abortions with our tax dollars, force people of faith to pay for contraception and sterilizations, treat pregnancy as a disease, take asthma inhalers off the market to save the ozone layer, take companies to court for daring to build a factory that would hire people who don't pay bloated union bosses, raise the debt ceiling so we can borrow more money than has ever been made in the history of mankind (Does anyone remember the sin of usury anymore?), use math tricks to pretend unemployment isn't as bad as it really is, pay people to not work, and then wonder why they stop looking for jobs, ignore our local priests in favor of rock-star preachers and then wonder how they could betray us...

We are foolish people.  May God forgive us all.