Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gosnell Was Just the Beginning

Carhart nurse should lose license for ‘incompetent and negligent conduct’: Nebraska Attorney General

BELLEVUE, NE, May 22, 2013, ( – The only licensed nurse at LeRoy Carhart's late-term abortion facility could lose her license for administering incorrect doses of drugs to pre-abortive women and deferring medical decisions to unlicensed employees.
Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning has filed a petition petition with Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services to revoke the nurses license. The petition accuses Lindsey Creekmore of engaging in “a pattern of incompetent or negligent conduct” by administering the wrong doses of sedatives to 11 women undergoing abortions from January 2011 to March 2012.
Lindsey Creekmore
Lindsey Creekmore
She also deferred complex nursing care in the office's abortion recovery room to unlicensed staff, according to the complaint, which notes that Carhart's business was understaffed with appropriate medical personnel.
Creekmore has been an RN at Bellevue Health and Emergency Clinic, Inc. since September 2009.
“Clinic records show a significant pattern of substandard care practices that, in any surgical center, would endanger the health and safety of the public," said Bruning. "We are seeking [Creekmore's] license revocation.”
In all, the petition lodges nine counts of action with the state Department of Health and Human Services. It did not state if any of the women had suffered physical harm because of Creekmore's actions. The nurse will face a disciplinary hearing on August 5 before the Nebraska HHS Department's Public Health Division.
“This action proves that Carhart is operating a shoddy abortion business that endangers the lives of women through improper drugging and lack of proper post-operative monitoring, both violations of which can endanger the lives of patients,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue. “The Nebraska complaint against Creekmore validates our accusations. It is our belief that these allegations are just the tip of the iceberg.”
State pro-life leaders warn more action is needed to prevent future recurrences of this kind of medical malpractice. “Because Nebraska’s abortion facilities are not subject to regular inspection, this type of activity will continue to fly under the radar, posing risks to womens’ health,” said Julie Schmit-Albin, the Executive Director of Nebraska Right to Life, in a press release.
Jennifer Morbelli
Jennifer Morbelli
The case was built in part on the testimony of a former nurse in Carhart's Nebraska facility, lending credence to pro-life leader Mark Crutcher's recent statement that abortion employees “are starting to panic” at the notion of being held as accessories to crimes they have witnessed abortionists commiting.
On the same day that Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of three counts of first-degree murder in Philadelphia, the jury convicted his assistant Eileen O'Neill of practicing medicine without a license.
Carhart is under fire in two time zones, with additional scrutiny pending over a patient who died in his care in Germantown, Maryland.
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The official death certificate confirms that Jennifer Morbelli died on February 7 at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital as a result of complications from an abortion conducted at 33-weeks gestation. Carhart, who was aware Morbelli had undergone a risky procedure, chose to leave town and could not be reached.
More than 6,000 citizens filed complaints against the late-term abortion provider over the death.
Montgomery County, Maryland, police closed the case against Carhart without charging him last week.
Carhart has denied he provides substandard care. However, the emergency contact for his facility rings to his horse equipment business, Horse Shows by Marile

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Chilling Effect

After years of dominating education with pernicious pandering to progressive ideals,  liberals have used the products of their institutions of 'higher' learning to populate our government with freezers.  Freezers who parade their law degrees from ivy league schools as affirmations of their intelligence.  In fact, it's not intelligence.  It's indoctrination.

So complete is their indoctrination, that they can no longer view a difference of opinion as a small thing. No longer can people live and let live if they disagree.  Today in the United States, if the limousine liberals don't like your politics, you are audited.  The government arm sticking out of the limousine will stretch long enough to pick your pocket, pick your friends, and pick your brain about the content of your prayers.

Why, you might be asking, would I think of this as an education issue?  Is this not more about free speech?  How can you trace this problem back to schools?

Indoctrination is not education.  Indoctrination creates useful idiots.  Education creates people who are able to observe, analyze, evaluate and choose for themselves.  The scandals of the IRS targeting conservative and religious groups, leaving our Libyan Ambassador and three others to die grisly deaths, and monitoring the legal and legally protected work of reporters at the Associated Press and Fox News,  can exist only if the players are fully indoctrinated.  From the highest reaches of vital arms of the Obama administration, taxation, defense, and justice, people were willing to interfere with elections by silencing the opposition, let Americans die without help, and spy on journalists who might reveal something damaging.  If you were the lower-level flunky who pulled the trigger, you were doing so as mindlessly as a trained monkey.

This type of indoctrination is too deep to be attributed to a Jedi mind trick.  They start young.  I wrote about this frightening trend in the youngest years when I was thinking about why Toy Story 3 was so wonderful.  When pre-school and kindergarten children are denied the ability to make a best-friend, they are being taught group-think.  Just think of the dark message of all of the teen flicks that show middle and high school kids entrenched in cliques based on physical prowess, drug use, intellectual ability, etc.  Place yourself firmly in the pigeon hole, and stay there.

And colleges are only worse.  Just when newly minted adults should be encouraged to explore the vast world of thought, professors, like one in my own department, will tell them that religious support is not acceptable when writing a paper. This is a professor of communication denying the validity of thousands of years of human communication.    That would be fine if he or she were simply choosing that rule for him or her self.  But to require it of all of the students is indoctrination, straight up.

When these same students enter the the workforce or a cushy government job,  it's only natural that the chilling effect they experienced during their schools years leaves them silenced.  One of my students wanted to give a speech against abortion this year, and I told him he could, as long as he included testimony from the Gosnell trial.  He chose not to do it because he didn't want to offend the women in the class.  The facts were too gruesome, and in direct violation of the indoctrination of a liberal college classroom.  He was silenced.

The chilling effect being felt by conservative adults now began long before they were the hard-working conservatives and Christians they have become.  They have spent their lives feeling cold to the bone.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What is Truth?

I'm tired of certain words.  I'm tired of words that obfuscate.  I'm tired of questions that are disingenuous.  Questions that can be easily answered by, "Duh!" are showing up all over news sites today.

Let's start with words that have been used by politicians, reporters and commentators to obfuscate:

Inaccurate, alleged, possible, uncertain, unknown.

All of these words suggest that someone who has clearly done something illegal or unethical did so accidentally.  Is there anyone who has paid attention to the trio of scandals who believes that the President wasn't aware of what was going on?  (Whether it can be proven in a court is a different question.)  The question is what is true.  The words used only help the lies.  Obama isn't inaccurate about Benghazi.  He lied.  He's hiding his knowledge and his whereabouts.   

He benefited from the targeting of conservative groups during his election.  It's not alleged.  It happened.  He didn't possibly profit.  He did.  There is no uncertainty here.

Now let's talk about stupid questions.  Oh, yes.  There are stupid questions.  And if you question everything, get ready to accept some answers.

Fox News, was asking in a headline today if the president was avoiding answering a question about the IRS scandal.  Sheppard Smith kept playing the clip of obfuscation over and over and over and over... and asking the question...  Mr. Smith, the answer is obvious and you know it.  At some point you appear to be questioning your viewers' sanity.  The President is LYING non-stop.  We need reporters to be honest and trustworthy.

Do we have anyone with any backbone left in the traditional news media?  Are there any journalism students  who have learned how to really use their skills to pursue the truth?  Are there enough politicians with principles and backbone to really clean house?

I see Real News and Glenn Beck doing the heavy lifting.  Anyone else?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Too Soon for the Happy Dance

Even though Brietbart has effectively debunked the myth that the Department of Homeland Security is stockpiling ammunition to use against the public, there is still reason to worry about retaliation from an out-of-control government.  Perhaps that is why gun and ammo sales to private citizens have risen so high this year.  Everyone is afraid of losing control to government over-reach.  We were given every indication this would happen from President Obama and others.  We are only learning this week how deeply our freedoms have been breached.

A complacent and complicit media is finally learning that the President is not their friend.  He has not only lied to them and made them (at best) his mouthpiece, but he didn't trust them enough to just do as they were told over cocktails.  His Justice department spied on them to provide insurance for compliance.  Today we know about the Associated Press.  It will be surprising if this doesn't grow to every other major news organization.

Even Andrea Mitchell is upset about this intrusion into journalistic freedom.  And Piers Morgan,  who has finally stopped humming Hail to the Chief and pulled his fingers out of his ears, is concerned about transparency.  Please, stop before you start the happy dance.  Obama may or may not go down, but if he does, he will undoubtedly drag many of our freedoms with him.

Remember when he was first elected and only some Catholics and a few others were concerned that the government was funding abortions abroad and in the U.S. by the loss of the Hyde Amendment and the funding of Planned Parenthood?  This year he wished us all Happy Mother's Day by promoting contraception.  He did this regardless of the news reports, scant as they were, on the Gosnell trial.  Gosnell has been convicted, and others are being or will be charged, but Obama is still forcing all Americans to conform to his ideology through the HHS mandate on contraceptives, abortafacients, and sterilizations.

Men died in Benghazi while the president prepared for a trip to Vegas last September.  The very same people who are angry that he betrayed their journalistic freedom by tapping phones at the A.P. have been saying that there was nothing to the Benghazi attack beyond a badly made video.  Is that going to change?  Will the people who have been repeating the lies of this administration be willing to display their gullibility for all to see?

But it wasn't the killing of babies or the death of diplomats that roused the sleeping media from cocktails, couches and complacency.  It is the IRS scandal and the intrusion into the Associated Press phone calls.  For them it comes down to money; employment and taxes.  They are finally asking themselves if it is wise to give a president, any president, the power to look that deeply into their finances and their work as journalists.  It is only self interest that has caused them to wake and say, "Huh?"

These are no conspiracy theories.  Obama's IRS used it's power to intimidate and distract opposition during his re-election campaign.  Obama's Justice department spied on his buddies in the media.  Obama's Department of Health and Human Services allowed the expansion of government subsidized  killing of babies.  Obama's State Department abandoned an Ambassador of the United States to a grisly death in Libya.  Each of these charges must be proven with evidence for them to stick.

Postpone the happy dance until Obama is removed from office and his executive orders, and all other legislation signed into law by this consummate crook, is undone.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's About Eternal Souls, Stupid!

Get ready because I am in full rant mode today...

There is a buzz going around about Pope Francis encouraging bishops to deny communion to anyone who facilitates abortions, including politicians.  This is a dubious triumph; dubious because it is the low hanging fruit of the church's teaching on life issues.  It is clear that while he is singling out "legislators, governors, and health professionals," we cannot stop there.

All who teach or work in Catholic schools and parishes must be denied the Eucharist until they stop speaking in any positive way about the Obama administration or the Democratic party.  And of course that goes for those Republicans who advocate 'compromise' on life issues as well.

Before you can say it,  I've seen those bumper stickers that say, "God is not a Republican (or a Democrat)."  But the Republicans didn't try to remove all mention of God from their party platform. The Republicans didn't vote to create a healthcare bill that forces Catholics and others to pay for abortion and contraceptives. The Republicans didn't threaten to deny funding to any state that dared to defund Planned Parenthood.

The Democrats, and particularly those in power now, have been on steady attack against Christians in general and Catholics in particular since Obama came to office.  Until such time as the Democrats change on the crucial life issues, being a Democrat is causing scandal in the Catholic Church, and the deaths of the most defenseless.

Let's be straight about this.  Democrats created Kermit Gosnell.

They encouraged Jack Kavorkian.

  They let Terry Schiavo starve to death.

They sold the guns that killed Brian Terry.

They let Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others scream their heads off for help, and didn't lift a finger.
And Killerbee Clinton has the gall to say, "What difference does it make?"  And Jay Carney says it happened, "... a long time ago."

So when your favorite math teacher tells her 5th and 6th graders that she voted for Obama because she cares so much about the poor getting healthcare, you can legitimately say she is a voter for death.  And you can tell her to recant, go to confession, stick to math, and otherwise keep her smarmy mouth shut.

It is up to the principals, parish priests, and our bishops to make sure we are faithful.  It is up to the parents to let them know when their children come home with lessons that violate church teaching.

Do you have the hutzpah to take a stand?  It is about the eternal souls of your children.  Will you vote for more of this?  Will you allow your Catholic school teachers to say it is okay to vote for more of this?