Monday, May 20, 2013

The Chilling Effect

After years of dominating education with pernicious pandering to progressive ideals,  liberals have used the products of their institutions of 'higher' learning to populate our government with freezers.  Freezers who parade their law degrees from ivy league schools as affirmations of their intelligence.  In fact, it's not intelligence.  It's indoctrination.

So complete is their indoctrination, that they can no longer view a difference of opinion as a small thing. No longer can people live and let live if they disagree.  Today in the United States, if the limousine liberals don't like your politics, you are audited.  The government arm sticking out of the limousine will stretch long enough to pick your pocket, pick your friends, and pick your brain about the content of your prayers.

Why, you might be asking, would I think of this as an education issue?  Is this not more about free speech?  How can you trace this problem back to schools?

Indoctrination is not education.  Indoctrination creates useful idiots.  Education creates people who are able to observe, analyze, evaluate and choose for themselves.  The scandals of the IRS targeting conservative and religious groups, leaving our Libyan Ambassador and three others to die grisly deaths, and monitoring the legal and legally protected work of reporters at the Associated Press and Fox News,  can exist only if the players are fully indoctrinated.  From the highest reaches of vital arms of the Obama administration, taxation, defense, and justice, people were willing to interfere with elections by silencing the opposition, let Americans die without help, and spy on journalists who might reveal something damaging.  If you were the lower-level flunky who pulled the trigger, you were doing so as mindlessly as a trained monkey.

This type of indoctrination is too deep to be attributed to a Jedi mind trick.  They start young.  I wrote about this frightening trend in the youngest years when I was thinking about why Toy Story 3 was so wonderful.  When pre-school and kindergarten children are denied the ability to make a best-friend, they are being taught group-think.  Just think of the dark message of all of the teen flicks that show middle and high school kids entrenched in cliques based on physical prowess, drug use, intellectual ability, etc.  Place yourself firmly in the pigeon hole, and stay there.

And colleges are only worse.  Just when newly minted adults should be encouraged to explore the vast world of thought, professors, like one in my own department, will tell them that religious support is not acceptable when writing a paper. This is a professor of communication denying the validity of thousands of years of human communication.    That would be fine if he or she were simply choosing that rule for him or her self.  But to require it of all of the students is indoctrination, straight up.

When these same students enter the the workforce or a cushy government job,  it's only natural that the chilling effect they experienced during their schools years leaves them silenced.  One of my students wanted to give a speech against abortion this year, and I told him he could, as long as he included testimony from the Gosnell trial.  He chose not to do it because he didn't want to offend the women in the class.  The facts were too gruesome, and in direct violation of the indoctrination of a liberal college classroom.  He was silenced.

The chilling effect being felt by conservative adults now began long before they were the hard-working conservatives and Christians they have become.  They have spent their lives feeling cold to the bone.

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