Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Read these articles....

Fall-Guy Priests

Embryos in everyday products

The pain of high-tech answers to infertility.

After reading these articles, how can we not think that we are under a spiritual attack of mammoth scale?

Every human being is both physical and spiritual in nature.  We are animal and spirit.  We are made in God's image.   We are meant for eternal life, but living a mortal one.  We are all fallen and broken, since Adam and Eve.  We have knowledge of good and evil.  We know it.  We know when something is good.  We know when something is evil.  We know!  That is the curse of being fallen.  WE KNOW. 

We know when we are in contact with a priest who is more interested in psycho-babble than in absolution. If we are female, the priest will lead us to think we have been abused.  If we are male, they may lead us to think we are abusers.  Such priests are not the fall-guys depicted above.  The non-fall-guy-priests find a way to explain away every sense of guilt and shame iin confession.  They council rather than absolve.  "So you were a little tempted to look at porn or to think about a member of the same sex in a sexual way.  Forget it.  Don't give into shame and guilt.  God doesn't make junk, and God made you.  I'm okay.  You're okay.  Okay is good enough."

We know when our doctors are not being completely open with us.  "Here's this new vaccine for cancer.  Sure the only way you could get this cancer is by being promiscuous, but are you sure your child won't be?  What if they are already and you don't know?  Better safe than sorry, right.  And of course normal testing of a new drug requires that it have some kind of human testing.  But embryos are only kind of human.  They are really only human enough for laboratory purposes, not for the real world.  Testing on embryos allows a much more cost-effective way to keep your kids healthy.  And since you are having so many kids, you need the savings, right?  Treating polio or measles could be very expensive.  So could treating HPV or chicken pox."

And let's talk to the doctors about having more children.  "Carrying multiples is dangerous.  Sure the procedure I'm giving you could produce multiple babies, but that's not why you are here.  You want to be able to have a couple of your own, because the natural way isn't working for you.  I know that's probably because of all of the contraceptives I prescribed you when you didn't want any kids, but now the situation is different.  You want one, not three, or more.  I can handle that.  After all, it's what you want that matters.  God doesn't pay me.  You and your insurance company pay me.  I have a lower calling."

No, priests, scientists, and doctors don't talk that way.  Most probably don't think that way.  But that is what is going on inside their heads that makes the stories told in the articles above possible.

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