Thursday, April 12, 2012

Romney??? Really???

Simcha Fischer has a few laughs about the apparent GOP presidential nominee.

I would laugh if I could.  I'm not happy, and I can't believe we are being fed this milk-toast pseudo-republican rich guy who can laugh about his father closing a factory.  If the RINOs are in charge, then they are every bit as out of touch as they have been accused of being.  This is the dumbest choice for a candidate in a  time of crisis as I can imagine. And given republican candidates, that's saying something. 

Have another single-malt scotch and go hang out with Arlan Specter in the hot tub for a while, guys.  Maybe he can convince you he's the real face of the republican party.  Only after praising you for your lanky good looks of course.  And don't cut in line at the massage tables.

What is Romney promising that has donors flocking to him like dirty downtown pigeons on a stale hot-dog bun?  He lacks conviction, depth, sincerity,  and charisma.  He has a family history that reads like one of those prepaid entries in a Who's Who book. 

I can't believe that he is going against the anointed son-of-a-jackal that currently holds the office.  Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews could blow Mitt away with two questions about cars and income.  And of course, I chose them as the questioners because they are the dimmest bulbs on T.V.  Oh wait, I forgot about The View.  Well it could be a toss-up.

Will I vote for Romney if he gets the nomination?  Yes, but I'll need  long shower after.

What is wrong with politics in our country that this is our choice:  The deceptive, traitorous, race-bating lunatic who is spending us into oblivion, or the white guy who promises different, but on every cultural issue has a similar record?

Maybe I'm stupid and I just don't see it.  Maybe the real movers and shakers just think I am.  Maybe they think we all are.
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