Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Catholic Mom Reports on Easter Weekend

Usually I rant, but today, I am sincerely happy.   Here's how the Easter weekend played out for my family:

Holy Thursday we spent preparing for our big family gathering on Easter.  When we arrived at the Celebration of the Last Supper, I was prepared for the girls and kids on the altar for the washing of the feet.  I'm used to it now.  It didn't distract from the celebration.  I hope our Archbishop will stop this practice, but as long as altar girls out-number boys, we git what we git and we won't have a fit.  The Mass was beautiful, if marred, and I can't complain about the fact that the church was full to capacity.

Stations at noon were full to capacity as well, and the lines for confession afterward were so long we waited hours before making our way into it.  Six priests, long lines.  Got to love that.

Saturday was our prep day for 34 family members coming to our home for Easter dinner.  We cleaned, we cooked, we sang. My son's choir is a model for all other choirs for children. My brother-in-law joined the church on Saturday evening, but since our son was singing at Mass the next morning, we didn't go.  Not only did Mikey join the church, his uncle came back after many years.  This was a watershed moment in our family.  I made sure everyone planned to give Mike gifts for his First Communion and Confirmation.  He got a night-light, a St. Joseph Plate, Nebraska football tickets, a great single malt scotch, a tee-shirt and hat that say 'Catholic', CD's....  All to let him know he's Catholic now.

We had an egg hunt of epic proportions, food, family, fun....  The highlight for us was when our niece who has been a bit sickly lately busted a move to Earth, Wind and Fire's song September.

We laughed.  We loved.  Easter is a part of us.  And did I mention that my nephew was wearing his black clerics for the first time?  He said they felt like a second skin.  The video is proof that big families, and Catholics, have the most fun.  Rock on!!!

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