Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's Election Season and I'm not Happy

I feel like I need a yard sign for this election season.  It needs to be the equivalent of a "Beware of Dog" sign.  We have two.  (Dogs that is, not signs)  But they are not the reason I want the sign.  I want a banner that says, "Beware of Informed Voter".  Then maybe I can stop seeing the looks of abject dismay on the faces of those running for School Board and "Learning Community" (because the voters decided one layer of elected inefficiencies was not enough for our growing metropolis.)  The candidates show up at my house and say things like, "Hi, I'm (fill in the blank) and I'm running for (fill in the blank).  Oh, I remember you..."

Yes.  You remember me.  I was the one who was shocked to find that college age students in my university classroom are so accustomed to police presence at schools they can't understand why anyone would be opposed to it.  (Gee, police state education?  Really, is the connection so difficult?)

Yes.  You remember me.  I was the one who said that we need to stop having the state supplant the parents by providing transportation to school, breakfast, lunch, child care before and after school, health care clinics in school,  afternoon  snacks, homework help, transportation home...  What do parents need to do except put a mattress on the floor  and wake the kids up in time to hit the government tit again?  (Yes, call me Alan Simpson, these people are milking it!)  And when bus lines are canceled in you school district the government reimburses you for the gas to drive your child to school.Can you hear the sucking noises where you are?

Yes.  You remember me.  I was the one who told you in our state there is no true expulsion for students.  They just are shunted from school to school, because expulsion is against the law.  "Education" is compulsory.  Unfortunately, learning is not.

So the students, like teachers, have tenure.  And the lowest common denominator does win.  And if you are a candidate, and you plan to stop at my door,  I know you'll say, "I remember you..." Yes, and I'll remember you in November!!!
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