Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Words Matter

From Weasel Zippers we once again see an example of how much our President and his minions are afraid of our freedom of speech.  Apparently someone might be offended by the microscopic letters and numbers on these guns, that only those who have received some religious education could interpret. 

Maybe a well educated Muslim extremest in our military asked permission to remove the citation.  Maybe it was a former Evangelical or Catholic who lodged the complaint because his inner-demons were disturbed.  Maybe it was a radical atheist who fights against any mention of God.

Regardless of the origin of the complaint, to require all of the offending letters and numbers to be removed is ludicrous.  If the complainers believed the citations had no meaning, then why complain?  The only way this matters is if someone is afraid of the Word of God.

If one lesson can be learned from the First Amendment and the case law that has interpreted it, it is this:  You do not have a right to not be offended.

When Code Pink brought the dancing vaginas to the Capitol, they were not stopped.

When an Army psychiatrist shoots up a military base and kills soldiers while yelling "Allah Akbar"  freedom of speech is so sacrosanct that his attack words are scrubbed of their obvious religious meaning.

It's the end of the semester, so I don't have time to elaborate, but you get the picture.  This is more Freedom for Me, but not for Thee.

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