Friday, October 5, 2012

Beware the Sycophants

I was pleased with Romney's performance at the debate this week.  It's nice to see a good man do well.  And yes, for those who have read my rants before, I do believe he is a good man.  I also know he has a better command of the facts than our president.  And Romney can tell reality from fantasy, which our president cannot or will not do. 

Obama has spent most of his life creating his own mythology.  Everything from his family relationships to his foreign policy are based on his colossal narcissism and the sycophants who feed it.  In fact, one-hundred years from now, thanks to Common Core Curriculum, youngsters may not know the story of Narcissus, but will instead use the term Obamaism to describe the same disordered sense of self.  Wait, maybe not.  The sycophantic teachers would never allow that much honesty.

And that's the problem with today's job numbers.  We all saw how bitterly Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Al (Blame-the-Planet) Gore and others cling to the Mythological Obama.  I'm sure there are many shrinks' couches that haven't had this big of a workout since Obama beat Hillary.  But sycophants in government, who contributed to to his campaigns, tell us the jobs picture is improving.  And, by the way, they added more jobs to the numbers for the last few months.  Jobs they overlooked before.  Those jobs now create a positive trend.

Excuse me if I've become too skeptical.  I don't buy it.  Neither should you.

The army of sycophants have so thoroughly buried the truth in the last four years that we may never know just how bad  it has been.  Whether it's foreign policy, healthcare, economics, or talking to Cardinal Dolan, Obama Narcissus Colossus finds truth as often as a blind squirrel finds a nut.  Rather than feel betrayed, these bitter clingers and sycophants will be lashing out in some frightening ways.  For instance, I did a google search to see fact checks of the debate.  I had to go 3 pages in to the search to find a source for the fact check that isn't known to have a liberal bias, from the Huffington Post to Politico.  That is how Romney could still lose.

We need to be careful what we believe in the coming month.  Crazy things will be said and done to prop up Narcissus.  Sycophants are fierce when the object of their idolatry is being attacked.  We ain't seen nothin'  yet.

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Jessica Rabbit said...

I agree, it'll only get nastier before it gets better - if it gets better at all. I found your blog through flocknote's "Where are you from" thread. I'm trying to blog every day for the Year of Faith, would love for you to stop by my blog: