Friday, May 18, 2012

Not if, but How Much?

It's not a question of if Obama has lied about his background and his core beliefs, it is a question of how much.  His logic and rhetoric are so completely twisted, and antithetical to everything we believe as Catholics, that it is sometimes impossible to know what to think.  But if we parse the story, maybe we can see that he says what he believes to be true, even if what he says is false by any normal standards.

He was born on August 4th to Dunham and Obama Sr. somewhere on the planet.  Since his concept of the beginning of human life does not extend to babies born alive during an abortion, it is possible that he doesn't consider the birthing process to be complete even days after his birth.  For him, there is no logical problem in saying he was born in Hawaii, or born in Kenya, depending on which place of birth is most expedient at the given time.  Newborns aren't really alive, as far as he is concerned.  Birthplace therefore is a relative thing in Obama's world.

In Obama's world all religions are equally false, and exist only as a template for pandering for votes.  He can probably say quite honestly that he belonged to Reverend Wright's church for 20 years without really listening.  Listening to anyone would require tuning out the voices in his head that serve to remind him how great he is every moment of the day.  Sure, he slipped and called himself a Muslim when talking to George Stephanopolis.  But George was there to correct him, and tell him he's a Christian.  Either way, it doesn't matter. In Obama's mind, he just forgot which constituents he was pandering to for the moment.
The voices in Obama's head probably don't really allow him to recognize the humanity of others around him.  He's the center of the universe, so everyone else is just an accessory or a useful tool.  So what if he created composite stories and characters for his autobiographies?  He may not have been able to remember the names of friends and women he dated, because once they ceased to stay in orbit around him, they ceased to exist.

He may really believe that Bill Ayers wasn't an important figure in his political development, even Bill's parents helped him with his education and Bill launched his political career from his living room.  After all, by the time he became president, they had stopped being the necessary support for his ever-growing cranium.  They were just old white folks.  Useful tools.

Obama may really believe that freedom of worship is the same as freedom of religion.  He never listened in any church, so he assumes no other person around him is listening.  He doesn't really pray, because that would be admitting that someone else has greater power.  Freedom of worship allows him to worship himself.  Freedom of religion would offer his acolytes a choice between serving him and serving someone else.  That would clearly be unacceptable.

In the end, we know Obama lies.  We know he does so for his own purposes.  It's not a question of if he is lying at any given time.  We need to know how much.

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