Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Going Gaga for Judas

I wish Lady Gaga wouldn't embarrass herself this way.  It reflects poorly on any 'faith formation' she might have received at the Catholic schools she attended.  It reflects poorly on our cousin, Luc, with whom she's had a long relationship.  But the Catholic League should not be embarrassed for mentioning her, unless they don't look at the root cause.

The root cause of 'Catholic' pop stars who leave the church and it's teachings is the education they receive before the become famous.  The Religious of the Sacred Heart who educated Stephanie, aka Gaga, and the women in my family, have been watering down the faith in their schools.  It is to the point that a girl who graduates with her faith in tact is the exception rather than the rule.

The sisters even have featured a picture of Gaga on their promotional brochures.  Think about that.  They are proud of her.  They openly tell prospective parents, "If your daughter comes to our school, she could be the next Gaga."

I know we all wish that when we see little Catholic girls in their uniforms.  Oh wait, maybe not.

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