Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When the Manchurian Cadidate Has Power

If you've never watched the Manchurian Candidate or Wag the Dog, now is the time.  I prefer the Manchurian Candidate that features Angela Lansbury and Frank Sinatra, but either film will help you understand the world today. We are living in a time when these works of  fiction are more true than most of the news we are able to read today.

America has passed through the Looking Glass.  We are now supporting Al Queda even though they will turn on us, using weapons we are supplying, faster than you can say Jihad.  We are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as they kill thousands of Christians.

Without seeing those films, one cannot possibly comprehend our current foreign  and domestic policies.

We were long ago told that it was wrong, racist and evil to question where President Obama came from.  There is one certainty now, as we sit on the edge of a knife waiting for battle in Syria, we will almost certainly begin a war with Iran, Russia, China and North Korea arrayed against us.  Will some of our neighbors in South America join against us as well?  Almost certainly. 

Our military leaders have been distracted by a search for new ways to call infiltration and sabotage by Islamists in American uniforms "work place violence."  Yes they worked for the very military they were working to destroy.  Isn't that the definition of a spy? 

During the last election, Democrats distracted the public from the arms deal gone bad that led to the death of our Ambassador to Libya.  They insisted on talking about abortion and contraception as if killing all children would save the world.  The complicit media fawned over those who complained that ten dollars a month for birth control pills would cost them $50,000 a year.  Then they proceeded to ignore the tales of horror coming from the more than 50 abortion clinics that have closed in the last few years, particularly the one run by Kermit Gosnell.

Is this pattern of distract and destroy the result of an indolent and complacent elite?  Do they have nothing more than fierce aggression when faced with the inconvenience of life?  Who are these people and what are they doing to our country?

Watch The Manchurian Candidate and then tell me if you really know who President Obama is.  Watch Wag the Dog and then think about whether our media is honest and earnest enough to seek the truth about this administration.

As race baiting leads to civil unrest and war with the world looms on the horizon, do you know where the president is, who he is, and what he's doing when he isn't on the golf course?
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