Thursday, May 16, 2013

What is Truth?

I'm tired of certain words.  I'm tired of words that obfuscate.  I'm tired of questions that are disingenuous.  Questions that can be easily answered by, "Duh!" are showing up all over news sites today.

Let's start with words that have been used by politicians, reporters and commentators to obfuscate:

Inaccurate, alleged, possible, uncertain, unknown.

All of these words suggest that someone who has clearly done something illegal or unethical did so accidentally.  Is there anyone who has paid attention to the trio of scandals who believes that the President wasn't aware of what was going on?  (Whether it can be proven in a court is a different question.)  The question is what is true.  The words used only help the lies.  Obama isn't inaccurate about Benghazi.  He lied.  He's hiding his knowledge and his whereabouts.   

He benefited from the targeting of conservative groups during his election.  It's not alleged.  It happened.  He didn't possibly profit.  He did.  There is no uncertainty here.

Now let's talk about stupid questions.  Oh, yes.  There are stupid questions.  And if you question everything, get ready to accept some answers.

Fox News, was asking in a headline today if the president was avoiding answering a question about the IRS scandal.  Sheppard Smith kept playing the clip of obfuscation over and over and over and over... and asking the question...  Mr. Smith, the answer is obvious and you know it.  At some point you appear to be questioning your viewers' sanity.  The President is LYING non-stop.  We need reporters to be honest and trustworthy.

Do we have anyone with any backbone left in the traditional news media?  Are there any journalism students  who have learned how to really use their skills to pursue the truth?  Are there enough politicians with principles and backbone to really clean house?

I see Real News and Glenn Beck doing the heavy lifting.  Anyone else?

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