Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Too Soon for the Happy Dance

Even though Brietbart has effectively debunked the myth that the Department of Homeland Security is stockpiling ammunition to use against the public, there is still reason to worry about retaliation from an out-of-control government.  Perhaps that is why gun and ammo sales to private citizens have risen so high this year.  Everyone is afraid of losing control to government over-reach.  We were given every indication this would happen from President Obama and others.  We are only learning this week how deeply our freedoms have been breached.

A complacent and complicit media is finally learning that the President is not their friend.  He has not only lied to them and made them (at best) his mouthpiece, but he didn't trust them enough to just do as they were told over cocktails.  His Justice department spied on them to provide insurance for compliance.  Today we know about the Associated Press.  It will be surprising if this doesn't grow to every other major news organization.

Even Andrea Mitchell is upset about this intrusion into journalistic freedom.  And Piers Morgan,  who has finally stopped humming Hail to the Chief and pulled his fingers out of his ears, is concerned about transparency.  Please, stop before you start the happy dance.  Obama may or may not go down, but if he does, he will undoubtedly drag many of our freedoms with him.

Remember when he was first elected and only some Catholics and a few others were concerned that the government was funding abortions abroad and in the U.S. by the loss of the Hyde Amendment and the funding of Planned Parenthood?  This year he wished us all Happy Mother's Day by promoting contraception.  He did this regardless of the news reports, scant as they were, on the Gosnell trial.  Gosnell has been convicted, and others are being or will be charged, but Obama is still forcing all Americans to conform to his ideology through the HHS mandate on contraceptives, abortafacients, and sterilizations.

Men died in Benghazi while the president prepared for a trip to Vegas last September.  The very same people who are angry that he betrayed their journalistic freedom by tapping phones at the A.P. have been saying that there was nothing to the Benghazi attack beyond a badly made video.  Is that going to change?  Will the people who have been repeating the lies of this administration be willing to display their gullibility for all to see?

But it wasn't the killing of babies or the death of diplomats that roused the sleeping media from cocktails, couches and complacency.  It is the IRS scandal and the intrusion into the Associated Press phone calls.  For them it comes down to money; employment and taxes.  They are finally asking themselves if it is wise to give a president, any president, the power to look that deeply into their finances and their work as journalists.  It is only self interest that has caused them to wake and say, "Huh?"

These are no conspiracy theories.  Obama's IRS used it's power to intimidate and distract opposition during his re-election campaign.  Obama's Justice department spied on his buddies in the media.  Obama's Department of Health and Human Services allowed the expansion of government subsidized  killing of babies.  Obama's State Department abandoned an Ambassador of the United States to a grisly death in Libya.  Each of these charges must be proven with evidence for them to stick.

Postpone the happy dance until Obama is removed from office and his executive orders, and all other legislation signed into law by this consummate crook, is undone.

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