Thursday, April 25, 2013

Omaha Public Schools: Child Abuse is less important than Test Scores

"Omaha Public School board member Marian Fey  said (Susan) Colvin told her staff Wednesday she will take an administrative job at the district headquarters.
"I think the story had become more about her and less about the school,” Fey said.
Fey cannot discuss specific personnel matters, but credits Colvin on her commitment to improve test scores even more than she already has to make Nathan Hale look better in the community."

And so this principal was shielding a child rapist, and she gets a nice, comfortable job in the TAC building.  She is in turn being shielded by the School Board.  Improving test scores is more important than the safety of children.

Isn't it ironic that if these were men in roman collars the outrage would be a national issue?  Test scores versus child abuse?  Really!?!
 It's all about the optics, as the politicos like to say.  As long as no one is reported for child abuse, it doesn't exist in the schools.  The test scores make the school look better.  That's what is really important.

Millstones all around.

Of course this kind of thinking on the part of adults does lead to  children acting out.  Yes it is a different school, but the entire upper administration, including the Omaha Public School Board has been colluding to protect not just bad teachers, but abusive teachers.  It has been so bad that the State of Nebraska passed a law on February 11 of 2013 requiring a reduction in the number of school board members, and that all board members face an election as soon as possible.

And then there's this story.    In a world where child-on-child sexual assault is increasingly prevalent, do we really want young people forced to act out some guest speaker's sexual fantasies?  This  guest speaker created a hostile environment in the classroom by forcing students to participate in sexual behavior that is counter to the 'sexual orientation' of, presumably, most of the girls.

From the Department of Education's own sexual harassment guide:

Thus, it can be discrimination on the basis of sex to harass a student on the basis of the victim’s failure to conform to stereotyped notions of masculinity and femininity. 

This speaker forced these students to act out on homosexual stereotypes.  Where are the lawyers when you need them?

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