Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rosaries for Rick, Sacraments for Santorum

Consider this a Super PAC.  That's a Prayer Action Campaign!  It is time for real action.  That means it is time to pray.  Would you, my dear readers, be willing to participate in a prayer campaign for Rick Santorum and other worthy candidates in this election year?

Here's what I'm asking:

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In the comment box below, let me know if you can commit to praying for our country, for good leadership, and an end to the attacks on our freedom of conscience.  I believe that includes praying for Rick Santorum to be our next President.  Let me know how you will pray, the Rosary, Adoration, a Mass, then add your name, or online handle, and how often you will pray.

Update:  Given Obama's insensitive, and mind numbing disrespect for our freedom of conscience as evidenced by this  non-accommodating accommodation on the HHS rulings, we need Rick more than ever.  Remember this from August?

Thanks for your participation, Suzanne Carl
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