Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hospitals, Schools, and Insurance, Oh My!

For the progressive left, there is nothing worse than the notion that Catholics may want to provide an alternative to public health care, schools and insurance options.  The tyrany of the federal Department of Education and Health and Human Services is quickly becoming omnicient and all powerful.

1.  What do they want Catholics to accept? 
Cardinal Daniel DiNardo explained:  “Under the new rule our institutions would be free to act in accord with Catholic teaching on life and procreation only if they were to stop hiring and serving non-Catholics. “Could the federal government possibly intend to pressure Catholic institutions to cease providing health care, education and charitable services to the general public?”

The simple answer to the Cardinal's question is, "Yes." The Federal government wants to provide all education and health care. They do not want others involved.  In particular, the use of contraceptives must not only be promoted, it needs to be enforced.  So, since the World Health Organization considers chemical contraception to be a class 1 carcinogen, causing breast and ovarian cancers, then forcing women to contracept kills not only the children conceived with these abortafacients, It also kills the women who used the chemicals.  That's one way to reduce reliance on social security.

2.  What does the USCCB promote that helps the disinitgration of Catholic beliefs? 
During this past lent, I couldn't seem to get away from a USCCB suggestion that Catholics give up, among other things, plastic grocery bags for lent as a way to do something penetential that would also save the planet.  As we know, saving the planet from too many babies is the primary reason many give for birth control.  Just look at the scolding the Beckhams are recieving for having a (outrage of all outrages) fourth child.  Never mind that they can clearly afford it, and love their children.

Back to the age old Catholic lenten practice of giving up plastic grocery bags...  Oh wait.  I forgot.  That is just one more way the USCCB aids in the disintigration of Catholic beliefs.
3.  How are the two working together from an ideological perspective?
I guess the only 'green' way to have children is to adopt them from people so poor that they would sell you their newest child in order to provide for the others, like Madonna's or Angelina's kids, or to be a homosexual who hires a surrogate. After all, we wouldn't want that pesky natural conception and birth thing getting in the way of protecting nature, would we?

In his wonderful analysis of the Catholic church in Boston, The Faithful Departed, Philip Lawler outlines the gradual loss of spine among clergy as they strove to be politically relevant, rather than spiritually grounded.  Now when I see a Cardinal or Archbishop smiling with a known apostate politician, I wonder, "Quo vadis?"

I know this seems like a little thing following all of the issues mentioned above, but in its home-spun-sense verses big-government-obtuseness, the following story tells it all:

 Healthy Eating Costs More

If you do any grocery shopping at all, you know that heavily processed foods like margarine are far less expensive than natural products like butter.  Why are fresh peaches more expensive than canned? It's because more of them rot on the way to the store.  We pay for the transportation and cost of the ones we buy, and everyone that was shipped and had to be thrown away.

Use this as an analogy for the free birth control debate.  Thanks to government run healthcare, education, and insurance payments for contraception, we will now pay not only for the baby that is delivered, but for everyone that is discarded, and for the health costs to the women who carried them for a short time.  Public education costs more than twice as much per student as Catholic schools, with a much worse result in terms of graduation rates and college attendance.  Like the groceries, it's more expensive, but not necessarily better for you.

Let's seperate the sadistic nonsense of the green movement from the Catholic faith once and for all.  Killing babies, attacking Catholic hospitals and schools and insurance companies, and shaming people who seek to provide for their families by buying fresh in season, and canned the rest of the time because that's human and normal, is the craziness of the green movement.  If the USCCB thinks we should use paper instead of plastic, perhaps they have departed from the faithful, as Lawler would say.  If they are unwilling to tackle the freedom of conscience issues of forced funding of contraception, then maybe they should not be telling us how to respond to, "Paper or plastic?"
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