Sunday, July 17, 2011

Diversity Training in Omaha Public Schools; Or Proof that I Rant

Friday on  The Five on Fox News, I saw a conversation about a new text book, paid for with stimulus money, that is coming to Omaha Public Schools. Mark Steyn also mentioned the book in his most recent article for NRO.  Since I don't have priestly faculties to perform an exorcism, I haven't read the book, and don't want it in my home.  What (or who) has possessed people to think of spending money in our cash strapped world on diversity manuals for children?

Diversity, like tolerance, is one of those words that has become a mantra for the forces of darkness in education.  These forces do not really want to teach, do not expect children to learn, do not expect parents to raise their own children, and do expect police protection at every school.

Diversity training is the victimization of a group based on the supposition that skin color provides privilege.  After victimizing the target Christian Caucasians, diversity training seeks to elevate the sinful behavior of a protected class, like an African American transgendered lesbian parent of children with fetal alcohol syndrome.  Diversity training would have us believe that the behavior of the latter person is not just equal  in virtue to the Christian Caucasian,  but of greater value because from that deviant we can learn about tolerating drunken perverse sexuality and the horrors it visits on the children of its practitioners.

Here's the demographic breakdown of Omaha Public schools:
Students, in 2006 47,044
White 20,098 43%
Black 14,724 31%
Hispanic 10,640 23%
Asian 828 2%
Native American 754 2%

Christian Caucasian students are in the minority in Omaha.  What better time to make them feel disenfranchised?  What better time to instill self-loathing?  Bob Beckel said on The Five that there were no black people in Nebraska.  Perhaps he should refer to the New York Times, my source for the above demographic breakdown.  Mark Steyn may have thought the same when he made his comment at NRO.

The problem isn't a lack of understanding of diversity.  It is a lack of virtue.  The moral cesspool that our schools have become is shocking.  Omaha has rates of STD infections that are double the national average.  Most of those infections, about 70%, are among 15-24 year olds.  Aren't these the same kids who have been given a steady diet of safe-sex training, with only an occasional mention of abstinence as the truly safest way to stay healthy?

So then they have their children and blended families, they fight at lunch time over a betrayal by a boy- and/or girlfriend, and we say its a diversity problem.  They receive healthcare and most of their meals at the school, so the  parents have plenty of time and money to pursue something other than good parenting, and diversity training will solve this?

But students have been taught well that their pent-up rage is the result of institutional racism.  It's not because they've been taught narcissistic self-love is, as Whitney Houston could belt out before the crack destroyed her, "the greatest love of all."  It's not because they don't feel well after trying to replace the lack of care at home with sexual escapades with the infected homeroom drug dealer.  It's not because their tired after working the streets for the family business the night before.  It's not because they just started to inject the same drugs their parents do.  It's not because mom's new boyfriend likes to walk in on them in the shower.  It's not because they know in their gut that it would be murder to keep the appointment at the planned parenthood that was just set up  by the school "health" care staff.

A strong dose of fidelity, chastity, and responsibility would do more to help the students in Omaha Public Schools.  It would also help the faculty.

All scenarios in this post are based on real circumstances I encountered while teaching in the Omaha Public School District.  No names have been used to protect those who have tried to move on from the depravity they learned while attending the public schools.
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