Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fr. Corapi, Lady Gaga, and Slumming on the Internet

My husband and I spent yesterday at full day of talks from Father Corapi.  If you don't know who he is, you have never watched Catholic T.V. or listened to Catholic radio.  It seemed to me that his talks were either too loosely planned, or were tempered by something he had been asked not to say.  He seemed to approach a point without going all of the way.  Still, it was a day well spent.  Father John Corapi - End Game - Caught in the Crossfire - Attack/Counter-Attack - a Series of 6 Talks on Video - VHS

When I came home,  I saw that Camille Paglia had written and extensive and critical article about Lady Gaga in the London Times.  If you are a true Gaga fan, you won't be reading this blog.  But, she has been involved (to use the old fashioned term for hooking up) with a relative for several years.    Do a Google search of "Carl Gaga"  and you will see our cousin in action.

Here is my disclaimer:  I have never met, nor do I ever expect to meet Lady Gaga in person.  She spent about a month in the area with family, but no one saw her, and we didn't hear about it until she was gone.  That's probably wise.

At Father Corapi's talk, we ran into relatives of both the Carl family and the Dunlap family (my side).  We ran into old friends and current friends.  Among these are two cousins in the seminary, Eucharistic ministers, people who home school (like me) to protect their children from the lousy faith formation of seventies Catholics...The over-riding sentiment as we listened to Father Corapi talk about Spiritual Warfare was joy at discovering that we are not alone.  Others are sensing the same battle against darkness and the need to pray for strength and guidance.

Now we come back to Lady Gaga.  I use that name because, I have never met her.  We are relatively close to that side of the family.  Last time I saw Luc was at a family funeral.  We see them more than my cousins.  I really hope that L.G is a good woman deep down.  The fact that the relationship seems to be off and on, but continues over years, means a lot to me.  I want young men in our family to find the light and happiness of a good marriage.  Carl men are tough.  Somewhere in their history they must have been cattle ranchers.  They are hard working, honest men.  Rough, and tumble, but honest and worth loving.

Father Corapi yesterday asked if movies and t.v. were more innocent 50 years ago than they are today.  Obviously not.  I thought immediately of L.G and L. C.  Nothing about her would have been allowed on screen, any screen, 50 years ago.  Camille Paglia may be right that she has gone so far in the promotion of aberrant sexuality that she has become sexless.  I truly hope that her promoted  sexuality is as divorced from reality as the clothes she wears.  I want Luc to be happy.  In the meantime, and while we don't talk to L.C. or L.G., I am trying to hope that she wins at the MTV Video Music Awards tonight.

But as my husband says about the pornographic things we are drawn to on the internet, "Don't go slumming outside the family."

Good luck L.G. and L.C. wherever you are!!!
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