Sunday, August 8, 2010

On Marriage from My Mom

My parents celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary a week ago today.  Mom sent out this email to her 12 children yesterday:

Hi, Everyone!
Thank you  for all your remembrances of  Dad and my 57th wedding anniversary
last Sunday!  Special thanks to Monica and Joe for the lovely dinner with their
family. I wouldn't want you to think we ignored your thoughtful caring gestures, as
they all mean a great deal to us.
It seems that marriage is getting to be nothing but a bad joke in our present
society; how attitudes have changed in just 57 years!  It is ironic that the (then)
Holy Father accurately predicted our present state with the onset of 'the Pill' and
wide use of contraception, which had been against the moral concept for all
Christians. It is really appalling how acceptable living together before marriage
has become, in spite of the factual statistic that 75 percent of couples who
co-habit before marriage will be divorced within ten years, regardless of race, 
religion, or financial status. People have become very open about the fact of 
their children/grandchildren living with a member of the opposite sex without 
entering into a blessed union, which we frequently hear among our friends and
associates. Until this time in history, such a situation would have been cause 
for deep shame and regret. It is as though the sixth commandment has been
obliterated and is no longer taught anywhere.
I am reading a book that was written especially as a manual for Priests, titled
'Exorcism And The Church Militant" by Father Thomas J. Euteneuer , but which
is also recommended as reading for the laity, and it really explains in detail the
demise of the fabric of our society as a Christian, God-fearing nation in
particular, and that our only hope for survival is in the family unit and closeness
of family ties. 
The Family is the answer, and I thank God each and very day for the
fact that we have strong marriages in our precious family. It is the only way to keep
our young on the straight and narrow and help then save their immortal souls.
With marriage no longer being conceived as a sacred Sacrament in society in
general, it follows that hooking up with a same-sex partner (or your dog) would also
become acceptable. All this makes you think the Devil is winning!!! 
But we all know that God wins in the end - has in fact, already won - and our best
defense against Satan's quest for souls is Prayer, the prayer of the Mass being the
most powerful of all prayers - - and with that fact stated, I pray for holy, prayer-filled
family life for all of our families, that all of you will grow in wisdom and grace to a happy old age
Thanks again for your, Mom
When I asked Mom's permission to  include her letter here she replied, "Just so everyone knows our marriage isn't perfect."  That's Mom.  It may not be perfect, but it's pretty darn good!  
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