Monday, August 23, 2010

How Public Schools Control Our Children  

All children will be provided with a free breakfast in order to insure they spend as little time in the morning with their families as possible.  They will receive education in the morning followed by a free lunch, more education, a free afternoon snack, and after school care.  If necessary, children will receive free bus transportation to school, and free bus trip to a place close to their home.  If the child's parents live in an area not serviced by our bus system, the parents will be reimbursed 50 cents per mile to bring their own children to school for the free breakfast, education, lunch, education, snack, childcare, regime. 

We want to be sure every child and every family is completely dependent on the government we create.  Please don't fight against us.  We know what is best for you and your children.  We know how to numb their brains with bad or meaningless literature.  We know how to hide the true lessons of history.  We know how to be sure that your child never believes in anything other than him or herself.  (We learned that from Descartes.)  Do you really think you can stop us from instilling relativism in your children?  Didn't you go to college?    Ha ha ha ha ha:  You are fools to try!!!
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