Monday, July 8, 2013

Open Letter to Hollywood

I'm tired of Hollywood taking every otherwise fun story and screwing it up with sex and violence. And when you don't do that, you have to throw in the better-than-any-other-character-in-every-way  LGTBQ person.  Or maybe you can use a Catholic priest in a confessional as the man to talk to if you want someone killed, or if a child is showing evidence of sexual abuse.  Never mind that your family of characters never goes to a church of any kind, unless they are the Flanders.

I have been happily watching episodes of White Collar on Netflix.  It's a crime show about art theft and forgeries, fun and quite clean... for a while.  Then just as I finish recommending it to my older nieces and nephews, the hook-ups start.  Then the violence increases.  I'm sending out a mass email to retract all endorsements.

It's a shame too.  The characters were fun.  The dashing young criminal was desperately in love with ONE WOMAN.  The g-man who was responsible for him was happily married to ONE WOMAN.  (Of course, they have no children, just a dog, because that's the only way to stay happy, right?)  Then the female FBI agent is outed in a conversation, but nothing more happens.  I'm still okay with where this is going.  The virtues of each of the main characters become the bonds of friendship.  Moral decision making is central to each story.  Then the quirky conspiracy theorist winds up in bed with someone way out of his league. AAAAARGH!

None of this nodding to secular culture was necessary to do anything more than promote the atheistic secular dominion of our morally toxic culture.  Divorce, childlessness, homosexuality, and anonymous sex partners have destroyed the happiness of more families and individuals than anything else in our culture today.  But that's not what you, Hollywood, want us to believe.

We are on to you.  Just check your latest box office numbers.  We are not going to pay for the same lies anymore.  Especially if you are trying to slip it into family programming.
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