Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Feeding the Christ Child

Jesus is born. The Lord God of all is small, vulnerable, and needy.  He reaches His small hand to His mother.  Her body responds and she feeds Him.  This new Eve feeds the Savior from her body.  She feeds the very Christ who will offer His Body and Blood as food for the whole world.

For this reason, it is a gift to all mothers to have our bodies react to the hungry cry of  a child.  The fullness we feel in our breasts is our participation in Mary's Eternal Maternity.  We share her desire to feed and comfort the Christ Child.

If you are a woman who is blessed with the gift of breasts that feel the hungry call of a child, even long after your own children are weened, allow that cry to be a full stimulus to pray with your entire being for all of the Holy Innocents.  The gift of motherhood is allowing you to share in the feeding of the Christ Child.

I wish you all Merry and Blessed Christmas.
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