Thursday, November 8, 2012

May I Smack You in the Head?

Dear Catholics,  Medical Professionals, Teachers, and Women who voted for Obama;

I am praying for the salvation of your eternal souls, but...

I'm done trying to be nice to you.  Being nice and reasonable, presenting you with clear information about the dangers of your political views has not worked.   While I'm smiling at you in the grocery store, shaking hands with you before receiving the Eucharist, and cooking for you at any parish get-together, you think that your views are equal to the views of those of us who strive to form our consciences with the guidance of the true Catholic Faith.  Being nice in the face of your advancing evil is wrong.  I will no longer be able to act as though I am not afraid of you and your ideas. 

Your views are not equal to the teachings of the Catholic church.  Your views are poorly formed, dangerous, shallow, and self-serving.  You have religiously promoted the virtues of organic foods, recycling, and population control, while pumping yourselves full of carcinogenic hormones, and complaining about a 10 minute homily on Sundays. 

You have promoted the sexualization of your children through the music, movies, and clothing you purchase for your children. Your boys wear sports uniforms and your girls dress like harlots. My son must now avert his eyes when he sees your daughters at Mass.  Where will he find a virtuous bride ten years from now? 

You have guided your decisions by your maggot-minded consciences, always choosing bread and circuses over the greater good.  You are, in short, hedonistic heretics. 

You have created a crisis, the magnitude of which you still do not understand.  Those of us who wish to practice the true faith will see our beloved Catholic institutions close, or be forced to leave them when we can no longer live our faith. 

Catholic doctors, in the emergency rooms of Catholic Hospitals, will soon be presented with women demanding the 'morning after' pill.  If they refuse to provide it, they will be sued.  The doctor may be forced out, or the hospital may be forced to close. Families will suffer when jobs are lost.  Patients will die without healthcare. That will be your fault.

Catholic teachers in Catholic schools will face a similar problem.  Those of you who teach in public schools may have voted for Obama.  You may also send your children to Catholic schools.  When Catholic schools are closed, because real Catholics refuse to comply with the HHS mandate, your children will be sent to over-crowded public school classrooms.  Teachers will lose their jobs and families will suffer.  That will be your fault.

Women who do not have their heads in the sand are already seeing the results of their bad choices.  They have elected a president who insists that we are nothing more than our 'lady-parts.'  They want birth control more than they want anything else.  Planned Parenthood exists to dole out contraceptives and abortions, not mammograms.  Their demolition services cause breast cancer, so it would be, what? A conflict of interest?  You are legion in your contraceptive numbers, and are polluting our water with your chemical castration.  When you are sterile following the extended use of chemical birth control, and have had your mastectomy because of your breast cancer, it is clear that your 'lady-parts' did depend on the decisions you made.  Sadly, that too is your fault.

I can no longer be nice because you scare me.  In your ignorance, or in your selfishness, I don't know which, you have destroyed much that is dear to me.  I  forgive you.  I pray for you.  But I will not be nice to you.
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