Sunday, November 18, 2012

If You Voted for Obama...

This is your fault.

Everyone is making noise about the demise of the Twinkies, but the impact of this election is going to be greater than anyone who voted for entitlements foresaw.  In the short-term, people will be talking about how awful it is to lose a job during the holidays.  Of course it is horrible any time to lose a job.  Charities will use this as a reason to give more toys and other non-essentials for those in need.

May I suggest we all take the long view, and give essentials like food, money for heating homes, clothing...?  Christmas for many families this year will be about deeper issues than the latest cool gift.  Hopefully, in their suffering, families will refocus on faith.  To non-believers this will seem like slim pickings, but it would be a great gift. 

I know I'm guilty of worrying more about giving a gift that causes nothing more than a few laughs.  This year, the need for greater gifts will be apparent. We may even find ourselves truly grateful for socks while the liberal intelligentsia  continues to look on us with pity.  Truly the ones who should be pitied are those who are so surrounded with stuff that they can't see their emptiness.

It has only been 12 days since the election.  Companies are cutting workers, or workers' hours, because of the cost of Obamacare.  As more people are added to the system, the rest of us will incur the cost.  Those of us incurring the cost will have less to spend.  The loss of consumers will cause more layoffs.  This will be a truly vicious cycle.

Get ready.  It will only get more difficult.  But taking responsibility for your vote would help.
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