Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rugged Individualism, R.I.P.

Last night, while listening to Real News from the Blaze, I heard a pundit say, "Obama's numbers are high among Blacks, Hispanics and young people.  That person is still gong to vote for him..."  I'm sure  she simply misspoke, changing from plural to singular while thinking out-loud.  That happens.  Today's Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare is not that kind of mistake.

Today, we are told by the highest court in the land that we are not individuals.  We cannot choose to stay out of the healthcare system.  We cannot choose to not fund abortions and contraception.  We cannot choose  our doctors.  We cannot choose.  I cannot choose.  You cannot choose.  Our states can choose.

And so, we are no longer individuals.  We are states, groups, voting blocks.  Today's Supreme Court decision is the final blow to any rugged individualism that could legally stand against a stunningly, deep stabbing into the heart of our ability to decide where to spend our money.  The winners are those who have been looking for someone else to solve their problems.  The rest of us are dead, as far as our government is concerned.

But there is still hope.  Just as the heart-attack sufferer can be resuscitated, so our rights as individuals still stand one more chance.  We must remove from office anyone who does not advocate full repeal of Obamacare.  We must vote only for people who will repeal Obamacare on day one, legislation written, agreed on, and voted on as soon as the swearing in is done.  No committee. No negotiations to keep part of it.  No nothing.

Romney is probably not the guy who can lead that charge.  But it appears that he is the one we are stuck with.  Or maybe, we could have a little revolution at the Republican convention and  get ourselves a real candidate.  I still think Rick Santorum is that man.  Unfortunately, king makers and influence peddlers took him out of the running.  So we have a weak candidate who instituted the very same healthcare policies while governor, running against a president who killed the individual.

In the presidential race, as far as this healthcare issue is concerned, none of us are even Republicans or Democrats.  We are simply Americans cuing up to dump our money into a vast bubbling vat of burning refuse in order to provide food stamps, health care, money for cigarettes and beer, housing, cable t.v., cell phones and tattoo removal to those who otherwise would have jobs.  At this point, the  reason they don't have jobs is because our government is requiring excessive paperwork,  mind-numbing taxes, and regulating innovation and growth out of the private sector at an alarming rate.  Businesses cannot afford new employees.

Unless we change this with our votes in November, we will never be individuals again.  Welcome to the club.
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