Saturday, January 21, 2012

Preventative Care and the Slippery Slope

When complaining about my swollen ankles and lack of sleep, my very wise younger sister reminded me that pregnancy is not a disease.  There is nothing that could be more true.  Giving life to children, even if you get pain drugs and have a c-section, and then feed the child with formula, is the most natural thing in the world.  But the Department of Health and Human Services says women in the United States need to be provided contraception and abortion services as preventative care. 

I've always assumed preventative care was designed to prevent an actual disease or infirmity, like watching what you eat so that you don't get diabetes or heart disease.  Preventative care means getting tubes for your children's ears if they have a tendency to get ear infections, or a tonsillectomy when they get too many sore throats.  Preventative care does not mean stopping the procreation of the human race.

If we are really concerned about prevention, how about preventing blood clots?  Blood Clots can kill.  Blood clots caused by birth control are a problem, and not just for women who smoke.  Some people have a genetic propensity for clots, some of which have not been mapped by the Human Genome Project.  Feeding these women hormones, willy-nilly, as either emergency abortion drugs or as contraception,  (especially without testing women to find out if they have a tendency to clot) or even as regulatory care for those with irregular cycles, can cause serious health problem, and even death.  I spent a lot of time in pain and in hospital because I took contraceptive hormones for menstrual irregularities, while not being sexually active.  I know one personal story is not proof, but what are we trying to prevent?

So this is not about preventative health care.  That much can be proven.  It is about preventing birth.

Who is most likely to give birth these days?  According to the most recent census data that I can find the women who give birth are black, Hispanic or Asian, under 29 years of age, with less than a college degree.  They earn less than $35,000 a year.  They are likely to be unemployed, or not in the labor force.  (les

When I see these statistics, it looks to me like the federal government is trying to tell stay-at-home moms that their situation is pathological.  So, tell the undereducated mom that having children is the source of all her problems, and give her birth control to stop that problem. 

We've done this in concert with the United Nations for years.  We've told women all over the world that what they do at home is not valuable.  They need to be paid for sewing shirts and making shoes and running friers and soda makers in order to receive a paycheck, and then their lives will have meaning.  If you aren't making money, sweetie, you are too stupid to understand your own oppression.

I know people blame this on feminists.  I do too.  The best things I've ever done are care for my home and family.  Really, do those feminists believe in choice, or only the choices they choose?  The Obama administration seems to want to create separate bathrooms and drinking fountains for women and children who want a future. 

Thank God for the USCCB and Cardinal-elect Timothy Dolan.  It really is about time that Catholic bishops understood the attacks on the basic family unit.  I'm sorry they didn't get it when Catholics couldn't find jobs at corporations that didn't contribute to the culture of death.  I'm sorry they didn't get it when we couldn't find an ob/gyn who wouldn't suggest birth control.  I'm sorry they didn't get it when every prenatal test was designed to encourage abortion for any anomaly. 

At least, at the moment, facing the Alamo, they seem to understand.  I do want to ask, how could they not see this coming?  How could they look out into the church on Sunday, seeing and hearing fewer children every year, and not understand that the people of the Body of Christ were under attack? 

A few addressed the problem.  Far more buried their heads in the sand.

This has been a slippery slope for a long time.  Now we need to climb back up, regardless of the slime that will impede us.

It will start in the parishes with the very thin and fashionable mothers who send their children to school so that they can work, work-out, and turn the care of their children over to someone else.  You know who I mean. 

Are you going to be in this fight?
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