Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hopeless and Hopeful

As I saw the brief clip from ABC's interview with Newt Gingrich's ex-wife,  I thought, "This is hopeless.  How can this man be rising in the polls?"  His fuzzy, to be kind, math about wins, losses and electability is really a PR ploy that we have seen many times before; say it often and loudly and people will believe it is true.  Remember the one about Obama being a Constitutional Scholar?  Or how about the one where Obama wanted an open dialogue with Catholics about freedom of conscience issues?  And then there was the one about no federal funds to Planned Parenthood being used for abortion...

Integrity matters.  Newt is not young enough to make this all sound like wild oats.  He is the one who should drop out.  If he's slimy enough to speak for family values while conducting a 6-year affair and calling his wife to ask for an open marriage while in bed with his soon-to-be third wife, why should we believe anything he says in public?!?!?!?!?

Rick Santorum has won Iowa.  Romney, who Jonah Goldberg described as "Spock reading love poetry," won New Hampshire.  Huntsman, Perry, Cain, Pawlenty, and McCotter are all gone.  Paul remains the crazy coot in the room.  Tonight CNN hosts another debate, with the last four standing.

I'm begging Rick Santorum to stick to his guns and fight for the presidency.  I've given him all I can afford now, and will give more in the future, God willing.  He is the only consistent man of integrity left in the race.

Romney can talk all he wants about losing to a Democratic legislature while he was governor of Massachusetts.  The fact is, he is not powerful or persuasive enough to win against a liberal legislature.  He's cold, pretty and weak.  We cannot risk that in the presidency.

Come on people, put your money, prayers and votes behind the truly good man in the race.  Vote for Rick Santorum!!!
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