Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RINOs Please get out!!!

Romney, Gingrich, Perrry, Pawlenty, Daniels, Trump, Huckabee, and others are either jumping into or leaving the presidential race.  I want the RINOs to leave.  Rush Limbaugh recently spoke about Newt as the McCain candidate.  I don't care what anyone says, we don't need a McCain candidate. 

What we need is a real man. I know I'm stepping on the toes of feminists while wearing cleats, but feminists have fought to provide food, housing, abortions, birth-control, child care, schooling, health-care for children, health-care for the elderly, nursing homes, mammograms, everything except ultrasounds for those considering abortion.  And given their largess, one would think they were in some real sense 'liberal'.  But they are not.

What they really want is to abdicate the basic functions of women.  My sister Amy once said that being a mother is like living the beatitudes.  I think it is more like the corporal works of mercy.  Caring for the sick, feeding the poor, visiting those in prison (or time-out), clothing the naked (when you can catch them), all of these and the other works of mercy are part and parcel of being a mother.

What real men do is support women at home by taking what I believe to be the easier task.  Yes, I know, men work hard to provide for their families.  That is not the issue.  The fact is that the roles of men and women are fundamentally different.  Everyone from Matt Archbold to Pope John Paul II recognize this difference.

Because of this difference, I think any RINO who is willing to cave on life issues should be cast aside.  Here's where I get really controversial.  I don't think that any young(er) mother should be considering a run for the presidency.  This includes Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin.

Both women have children who are not of adult age.  To subject your children to the scrutiny of the media would be nothing short of negligence.  If children have a father who takes on the high profile job, you can expect some scrutiny.  Women, by nature and nurture, will not be afforded the same restraint.

What we need is a real man.  We need a man who understands that life has value from conception to natural death.  We need a man who doesn't play games with his beliefs or his origins.  We need a man who loves his country more than he loves popularity.  We need a man who will oppose the de-christianisation of the Middle East.  We need a man who will tell the household that the money has run out.  We need a man who will say we can't borrow our way out of debt.  We need a man who will cut off the uncle who refuses to earn his own way.  We need a man who will refuse to pay for the children of people who refuse to care for their own children. 

If we want a real man in the White House, we should agree to:

Feed and protect our own children.
Provide health-care for our own children.
Discipline our own children.
Teach our own children.
Care for our Elderly parents.
Pay for our own homes.
Provide for those who need charity.
Care for the disabled.
Grow our own food.
Produce our own fuel.
Protect our own lands.
Offer care and sustenance to our friends, locally and abroad.

When we truly do these things we will be a nation in which men and women are strong and proud.

If any Republican runs on any platform less than this, we are doomed.

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