Saturday, March 19, 2011

Father Corapi, An Open Letter

Dear Father Corapi,

I've never thanked you for your inspiration to me and to my family.  When you were in Omaha this past summer, I attended your conference with my Mother, her friend and my husband.  You have been a great source of strength to us all.

I remember thinking as you spoke that there was something you weren't saying/couldn't say to the crowds.  At the time I thought that perhaps you had been asked to avoid certain topics by our Archbishop, or by someone else in attendance.

I also wondered if you were avoiding certain topics because of the depth and vehemence of the attacks you were experiencing.  I now think this latter musing is the truth. 

Whether the accusations are true, which I doubt, or false, you are under attack by the Great Accuser.  It strikes me as greater proof of how much we need you and your message.  I feel the same about Father Eutenaur, who admitted his wrongdoing.  The temptations and tests and trials of all good priests are something that I can only imagine.  And in imagining, I shrink in fear.

I know it is not politically correct to defend the accused priests, or those who have strayed and admitted to wrong doing.  Our priests deserve every bit of our prayers and support, especially when they are under attack.  And the attacks are constant. really are in our prayers.  May God bless and keep you close to His Sacred Heart.  May the blessed Mother wrap you in her mantle.
Be strong.  We will try to be strong for you.

Suzanne Carl

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