Friday, February 4, 2011


Tolerance Believe in it. Bumper Sticker

I find the liberal/progressive mantra for tolerance to lack any genuine concern for others.  It seems to me that tolerance is a very low hanging fruit in terms of virtue.  My disbelief in tolerance as a virtue comes from life experience.  I didn't need to see this video  (  to suspect that calls for tolerance lack the kind of concern for one's neighbor that could be considered Christ-like.

I just had to think about the times I've heard the word 'tolerate' used in actual life.  Below I will list the kinds of sentences I've heard when people use the word tolerate or tolerance.  Feel free to leave your recollections of their use in the comments section below:

We need to change the dog's food.  I can't tolerate the smell anymore.
I will not tolerate that kind of language in my house.
I can tolerate that music for only so long.
You really shouldn't tolerate that kind of behavior among your students.
If you tolerate that kind of behavior too long, it will only get worse.
I tolerate it because I have to or I will lose my job.
I won't tolerate your friends doing that in our house.
You really shouldn't have to tolerate being treated that way.
I'm tolerating it for now, hoping it will change.
My family has been very tolerant of my short comings.

There are also some ways that I have never heard someone use tolerance or tolerate:

I really tolerate ice cream.
I tolerate my family so much.
I have so much tolerance to give, I wish I had someone to tolerate with.
Tolerance is a gift from God.
Tolerance makes the world go round.
Make tolerance not war.

Now it is your turn.  Have fun.
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