Friday, July 30, 2010

Humor + Humility+ Hardship= ???

Alright, I'll start by saying that I think the above equation should equal heaven, but since I'm about to talk about recent experiences of all three, I am loathe to say that heaven is waiting. After all, I'm a sinner in need of purification like the next guy or gal. So let's start with the humor:

While I was trying to watch this video, I walked to my fridge to get a glass of water. That was when I discovered that water was shooting out of the bottom of the refrigerator. I have been taught by my mother and my grandmother (God rest her soul!) that when you have guests or host a big family dinner, expect that appliances will quit working. My brother's family (wife, five kids) just left after a 6 day stay. When I say, "just left," I mean left at 12, leak started at 12:05. The irony is that in order to make his wife's life easier, my brother secured a hotel for my sister-in-law 1/2 way to her destination. (The crabby me says, "Look, I've made that drive in one day a million times and you don't need to spend the money when you have all of these moving expenses to get from Indiana to Nebraska.") But she had to stop, even though she was only traveling with her two older children, H.S. sophomore and 7th grade, while the youngest, ages 4 to 10 were staying with me.

Well it turns out the hotel she stayed at had a water park. I get a flood in my house, she gets a water park. So here is the lesson:

Keep a sense of humor about feeling like you are being used by others. Your humility may keep you from incurring hardships.

Humor + Humility + Hardships = Heaven.

Otherwise, prepare to laugh at the divine irony!!!
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