Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Told You So.

Hospitals will stop providing services.  Women and children first!

Civilian army recruits to take away your rights.  Doctors and counselors first.

Congress is no longer relevant. 

We are being made dependent on government by design.

This president must not be sworn in for a second term.  He should be in prison for being a traitor to his country, by virtue of abandoning Americans to torture and death by an organized militia in Benghazi.  While they or their corpses were being sodomized in the street, President Obama went to bed early and then flew to Las Vegas.

His party operatives should be in prison for voter fraud across the country in urban areas where he received 100% of the vote.  

His Attorney General, Eric Holder, should be in prison for selling guns to drug lords in Mexico, so that they could use them to kill our border agents. 

His Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, should be on trial for lying to the parents of fallen heroes.

His Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner,  should be in prison for graft using stimulus funds and tax evasion.

I have paid work to do so I can do no more today. 
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