Monday, June 11, 2012

Catholic School Parents Run Wild

I have a funny story about my nephew on a Valentine's Day ride to school when he was in 1st grade.  The radio was on, but my sister was thinking about her day and not really listening.  Johnny says, "Aunt Monica, this song is completely inappropriate.  We are going to school to celebrate love, and this song is not a good one for us to be listening to."  The song was "Love Stinks" by the J. Giles Band.

Sometimes parents and other care givers just aren't listening.  I remember when my little sister, about 5 years old at the time, was wondering around the house singing "Like a Virgin."  I was a teenager, and laughed. Sometimes the 'adults' in charge are irresponsible.

And that leads me to a story about a Catholic school that allowed an entire class of graduating 8th graders to dance to a song that was so wrong for a song and dance festival at a Catholic school...  It would be inconceivable.  Except that it happened. You can find the lyrics to the song here.

The parent who chose this song has  been a trusted volunteer at the school for years.  She regularly works with the children to choreograph the dances for this year-end festival.  The principal was being treated for cancer, and was not able to monitor the dances.  Besides, she trusted the parent.  The music teacher trusted the parent.

In the parent's defense, she lowered the sound on the recording during the offensive lyrics, but the students just sang them loudly anyway.  She didn't know that this song is banned at public school dances across the country.  She didn't realize the impact of 40 kids dancing to obscene lyrics in front of parents and grandparents.  But they performed the dance twice in two days regardless of complaints.

A friend who works at the parish, in defense of the parent, said it wasn't that much worse than the music we listened to when we were younger.  That may be true, but we wouldn't have performed a choreographed dance in front of our parents and grandparents to a song like the Beatles' 'Why Don't we Do it In the Road.' And so we come back to a parent run wild.

When the secular culture has so invaded a Catholic school that children are dancing to pornographic lyrics like these in a public performance, something is deeply wrong with the school and the parents.   A poorly formed parent with no depth to their understanding of the faith can do a great deal of damage to the children with whom they work.  Academic achievement and flashy public performances must be secondary to the proper faith development of the students.  As parents, we are responsible for the development of the immortal souls of our children.

If Catholic school parents allow this, then Catholic schools are doomed.

If you doubt my reporting and want the names of the actual people and parish involved, I will share them privately.  Just send me your email address.  This scandal needs to be known, but I want to protect those who were not responsible.
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