Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Sad Day for Freedom

I wasn't a fan of Andrew Breitbart, but I respected what he was doing.  He was trying to fight the media and politicians who pander to our worst selves.  May he rest in peace.  This may be an instance where we need to look deeper than his heart problems.  I really hate conspiracy theories, but people do conspire.  He said he had video of Obama from his younger years.  And today Sheriff Joe released this.  Scroll to the end to watch the video, and watch them all.  Having used Adobe and Publisher, these are tools I recognize.

There was another death today, the final death of any last vestige of integrity in Senate Democrats.  They voted against the Blunt Amendment which would have restored freedom of religion as it relates to the HHS mandate for Catholics and their insurers to pay for contraceptives and abortion drugs.  It is now incontrovertible that Democrats see killing babies and preventing conception as more important than free excise of religious beliefs.

American Life League has a video exposing the 'education' programs for young children that are being used in schools by Planned Parenthood.  I can't bring myself to link to it here.  If you want to see it, clear your home of all young people, fill your Holy Water bottles, stock up on Blessed Salt, and plan to go to confession immediately after viewing it.  The shocking display of human genitalia and how-to's on masturbation and other sex acts is enough to disturb even the most jaded parent.  Or at least I hope it is.

The Democratic party and their well-funded shills in Planned Parenthood have crossed one line too many.  Will we stand together?  Who are we, if we don't have the stomach to fight this battle?

At one time, Peter Singer seemed tto be the lone voice advocating for 4th trimester abortions, but other 'ethicists' from Oxford University have now joined him.  I recently met a ten-day-old baby boy.  He was the length of an adult's forearm.  Why  would anyone want to rid the world of his sweet little self?

I know this blog entry is scattered and unformed.  I guess I'm just  in awe of the darkness that is seeping into the most intimate parts of our lives.  When I took my 11 year-old son for a check up recently, his doctor asked him if he drinks, smokes, does drugs, or wanted the  guardasil vaccine.  That was the death of my innocence as a parent, and the first strike against his innocence as a boy.  That day at work, I found a promotional flyer in my university mail box for a book and video called 'The Purity Myth.'

Given the state of things, perhaps purity is a myth.
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