Thursday, February 23, 2012

Conspiracies and the Sheeple

Remember when First Lady Hillary Clinton talked about a 'vast right-wing conspiracy'?  Many people believed her, especially in the media, and started looking for Carl Roves under every rock.  This primary season has that same kind of tone, except this time it is mandates under every rock.  And there's another difference.  It's not a trumped -up right-wing conspiracy.  It's a very real media-government partnership to destroy fundamental constitutional rights.

So how does this work?  It starts with someone like the so-called ethicist, Peter Singer, claiming that in reality babies aren't people until they become capable of some self-care, and could therefore should be considered as appropriate targets for what he would still call an abortion.  The next step is to get some government official at a lower level to recommend and support legislation to act on the philosophical statement.  This would be one of the few issues Obama voted on in the Illinois Legislature and the U.S. Senate.  You need a non-profit group like Planned Parenthood to herd the sheeple into protest corrals so that it can appear that this kind of state sanctioned murder has popular support.  Finally, primp and preen with your mouth-pieces, making sure that the people who speak on behalf of this genocide do so under the invisibility cloak of concern for women-as-victims.

But both sides use these tactics.  Britt Hume  recently said, "If you look at the coverage we have seen so far this year, there's no evidence that the mainstream media is trying to help Mitt Romney. So, if anything, you know, you think if they were going to be calculating about it they say, 'we ought to help this guy Santorum. He would really be beatable by Obama, so let's beat on Romney,'" Hume told FOX News' Bill O'Reilly.

That would be a reasonable scenario if it weren't for the fact that Santorum was hiding in the curtain folds in the debates until, one-by-one, Romney's other competitors were picked off. Pawlenty, McCotter,  Bachman, Cain, Perry... all gone.  Now Rand Paul says he would be proud to be on a Romney ticket after his daddy Ron and Mitt ganged up on Santorum.  Very interesting.

Also interesting is the George Stephanopolis question on contraception, just before the announcement of the HHS mandate that has the Catholic church, and other defenders of religious freedom, taking up arms against the vast liberal conspiracy.  Given that as a background, is it any wonder Santorum, a staunch supporter of religious freedom, was stealthily  gaining support?

Today, after the most recent debate, Santorum is being criticized for saying he compromised on title 10 by creating title 20, and compromised on funding Planned Parenthood in order to get abstinence education in schools.  Romney, by contrast, is being praised for 'Standing by his Principles' while he allowed a liberal legislature and activist courts strip the Catholic church of its ability to provide adoption services in Massachusetts, and forced Catholic hospitals to provide the morning after pill.  Romney's record was so bad, he didn't even try for re-election.  And what he was able to preserve was done by executive order.  Now, who do we know who likes to use executive orders?

The current collusion between political operatives and media sources on both sides of the spectrum are making discernment difficult.  And so, the uninformed or the misinformed sheeple will chew on the sweet of the day.  And when the freshness has worn off, they will spit it out. 
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