Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Playing with Dead Babies

On Christmas Eve, I stopped by our parish for a brief happy birthday to Jesus.  As I prayed to the Blessed Mother, I thought of what a wonderful gift she has been given, to feel her new-born Son in her arms every Christmas.  This is how she appears to visionaries on Christmas, holding her Son in her arms.

Nothing compares to the joy of holding a child in your arms for the first time.  Smelling the downy head, feeling the little fingers curl around yours, kissing the soft cheek.  This is as close to heaven as I can imagine on earth.

But if you are Rick and Karen Santorum, you know another side of this joy.  You know, and I can only imagine, the pain of giving birth to a dying child.  You rush through the pain of the aftermath of childbirth to give your child a chance to meet the other members of the family.  You cradle the dying body, with all of the same sweetness of the joyous experience of birth, but you know it will not last.

You struggle through your tears to do what is right for your dying newborn and for the older children.  They meet.  They say hello.  They caress the baby.  They say good-bye.

This is the experience that Alan Colmes called crazy;  “Get a load of some of the crazy things he’s said and done, like taking his two-hour-old baby when it died right after child birth home and played with it so that his other children would know that the child was real."-Alan Colmes, emphasis mine.

Rich Lowry tried to stop Alan Colmes from making a complete ass of himself, but Colmes was far more concerned about being interrupted than stopping himself from describing the most gut-wrenching moment of a parent's life as "play".  Pundits and broadcasters have made big mistakes in referencing female basketball players, using the 'n' word, creating false documents...  But to refer to a deeply painful loss of a child as 'play' should be enough reason for a person to live with duct tape permanently over his mouth.

Simply firing Colmes really isn't enough.  His comments are consistent with a view of life that thinks of the very young and vulnerable as valueless, unless they are being torn apart as embryos for experimentation, or packed into jars in abortuaries like gruesome trophies.  That's what serial killers do.  They line up body parts in freezers and jars, and fondly recall how the victims screamed and fought while being killed.

That's how these two serial killers were indicted:
"WASHINGTON — Authorities say two out-of-state doctors who traveled to Maryland to perform late-term abortions have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of murder, an unusual use of a law that allows for murder charges in the death of a viable fetus. Dr. Steven Brigham, of Voorhees, N.J., was taken into custody Wednesday night and is being held in the Camden County jail, according to police in Elkton, Md. Authorities also arrested Dr. Nicola Riley in Salt Lake City and she is in jail in Utah. Each is awaiting an extradition hearing." -- By Associated Press, Published: December 30

You see, after killing these babies, they put the little bodies in jars and freezers and kept them.  Why would they do that? Why does a serial killer keep evidence?  I guess on some level I'm grateful that they do because now the evidence exists for their conviction.  But the notion of keeping these trophies is beyond my comprehension.  

This is not play.  This is DEADLY serious.  The doctors will  hopefully go to jail.  And Alan Colmes should lose his job.  Duct tape on the mouth is recommended, but unenforceable.
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