Saturday, August 13, 2011

August 2011 Iowa Debate

The Fox News Debate between GOP presidential candidates (8/11/12)  was aggravating.  As a country we are facing some of the biggest foreign policy, economic, and social problems of the past 30 years.  Yet Chris Wallace asks about turnover in Gingrich's campaign staffing that has been covered ad nauseum by the media lefties, and Byron York asks Bachman if she can be a submissive woman to her husband and still be president?  And let's not forget the way Santorum was ignored, Ron Paul encouraged in nuttiness, Pawlenty and Cain Baited with old controversies, and Romney given nothing but soft marshmallows so that he can simply rise above it all.

Okay, Fox News, we get it.  You have decided that you think Romney should be the nominee.  You saw how the blatantly liberal media outlets chose The Mighty and Powerful B.O. over every other stinkin' progressive.  Now you want to take a page from their playbook, flex your influence muscles and see how far you can go.

I would be okay with that, but in choosing for us, you are denying us the freedom to choose.  Why, for instance would you insist on polls showing  a minimum percentage of a vote before allowing participation in a debate, if you know the person to otherwise have apropriate credentials and credibility to run for president?  Doesn't that feed into the millionaire culture that says only the wealthy can run for office?  I'm thinking in particular of Thadeus McCotter who would be a far better candidate than Huntsman or Romney. 

And now because he made a dirty attention grab this week to steel thunder from the other candidates by leaking his intentions on Thursday, and announcing during today's straw poll,  Rick Perry is poised to replace Romney as the Fox News darling.  I've cheered and jeered Perry.  I'm happy to see Romney the Rino disappear, but not sure Perry is our man.

As for the Straw Poll in Ames, Iowa:

If I had my way, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Thaddeus McCotter, and Michelle Bachman would share the top four slots at every straw poll from here to January.  These are all serious conservatives and each one can prove it.  I would feel comfortable with any configuration of those four in the POTUS/VPOTUS positions.  And those configurations matter.  I pray every day for B.O.'s health because the thought of a Biden presidency can cause men to weep like babies, and women to abandon hope, and children to run wild in the streets.

I will post the results as an update to this post as soon as I see them.  Pray hard for good leadership, and may even the candidates we distrust surprise us with their courage and faith in word and deed.

Update:  Bachman wins, Paul 2nd, Pawlenty 3rd.  Here are the others in order from most votes to fewest:  Santorum, Cain, Romney, Gingrich, Huntsman, McCotter.

Updat 2:  If you were a Pawlenty fan, visit and send your donations and support to a better candidate than you started with!!!
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