Saturday, June 18, 2011

Responding to Father Corapi, Another Open Letter

Dear Father Corapi,

In your recent audio announcing your plans to become the 'blacksheepdog' you say that all things change, only God stays the same.  You also express gratitude for the gift you have been given of the last 20 years.  Those 20 years, for those who admire and follow your work, have been important in that they brought us closer to God.  If God does not change, then his call to you has not changed.  In this dark night of your priesthood, be careful not to abandon Him.

Leaving public ministry could be considered 'laying down and dying' only if you believe that is all you are called to.  As a priest, you have been called to much more than just public preaching.  Your hands have been consecrated so that you may lovingly hold the Body of Christ in the Eucharist.  You have been given the faculty to absolve sins, so that in the person of Christ, you can spread his divine Mercy.  You can baptize people into unity with Christ and his church.  You preside over the vows of Matrimony in a sacrament that is as inviolable as the vows of Holy Orders which you took.

Jesus called you in the past 20 years to speak.  Perhaps He is now testing your fortitude by calling you to silence.

I see in your choice of the Black Sheep Dog a reference to the Hound of Heaven. In Thompson's poem, the dog follows him through his dark walks in search of opium, guarding him as he tries to leave his addictions behind, and return to the Father who loves him.  Is that your plan?  Or are you running in fear from the dog, that is Jesus who wants only to lick your wounds and heal you?

Or are you uniting yourself to Christ in order to better heal the wounds of the Catholic Church by licking its wounds from the outside?

I can't help but feel that if you abandon your priesthood to continue to preach, you are ignoring God's call.  I make no mention of accusations or bishops.  None of that is at the crux of this matter. You are a priest.  You will always be a priest.  Speaking or silent, that is fundamental to who you are.

I ask you now to make the choice of Martha and Mary.  Do you keep doing, or do you listen to Jesus?
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