Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Paul Ryan and our Federal Budget

I think Eric Cantor is a weenie.  For the last year I've been receiving his emails inviting me to vote to cut some small amount of funding from native American whaling communities, and needle work circles.  Of course all of that has to go.  Today, Paul Ryan showed him how that's done.

If we don't cut entitlement programs, we will sink into the abyss of indebtedness that is causing countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland to face riots and national emergencies.  What would that world look like?

In the first few months of the current recession, abortion numbers began to climb after years of decline.   (http://www.redlandsdailyfacts.com/news/ci_17114949)  Ireland and Portugal actually started considering making abortion legal in the midst of the most recent global recession.   If you think the budget isn't a life issue, you aren't paying attention.

On a more controversial level, who decides which people are going to be able to adopt young children?  Do you want the government deciding that it is okay for two male gay partners to foster parent a 15 year-old heterosexual boy?  Do you want to pay for  a single gay man to do the same? http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2011-03-02/news/ct-met-gay-foster-care-20110301_1_care-and-adoption-catholic-charities-parents

Do you want to subsidize corn farmers?  The government has been subsidizing corn producers for years.  Now it is apparent that ethanol production is causing famine by diminishing the amount of corn we have available for export.  So green policies cause famine, and the death of real people.  Go figure.      http://www.openmarket.org/2008/04/10/how-al-gore-fostered-famine-food-riots-and-rising-greenhouse-gas-emissions/

So you want to subsidize dairy farmers?  http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=6764  
After we subsidize them, we can pay $3.50 for a pound of butter.  Last week it was around $2.75.  So what are we paying for?  More expense?

I'm sure I could continue forever, but what it comes down to is that we pay too much in taxes so that we and others can pay too much for essentials.

Paul Ryan is going for it.  He needs our support.
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