Monday, December 20, 2010

Public School Pedo***** are no Surprise!!!

 Certain words have been censured in order to complete this post!  I would like to link you to the London Daily Mail, but I cannot.  I would like to link you to the Creative minority report, but I cannot.  I would love for you to read an article about  ped**hiles in public schools before your read the post below, but I cannot.  You see,  every attempt I make is scrubbed for content.  Find the story.  Read it.  Then read below:

This is, sadly. old news. Even if the number of offenders who have previous convictions were kept out of schools, those who are sex**lly attracted to children will be attracted to jobs that allow contact with children.

Psychiatrists will often tell you that ped**hiles are incurable. That is why the Diagnostic Service Manual has dropped pe**philes from their list of disorders, unless the pe##phile's own life is hurt by his/her actions. It doesn't matter if there are others who are hurt, only the pe##phile. This is the same reasoning used by the DSM to deny hom**exuality, incest, best**lity, and a host of other abhorrent practices as being disordered.

The ultimate goal of those who protect destructively deviant sex**lity is to force us to keep our eyes on the red herring. It goes like this:

"See that Catholic priest? He chose to never have s** again. Isn't that weird? Everyone has s**. It's as normal as breathing. Even the Chileans in the coal mine had to be having s** with each other because, well, you can't live without it can you? Boys will be boys and that means they never think above their waist for more than a few seconds at a time. Given the choice between food and s**, most men would choose..."

Sorry for the Harry Reid-like mention of the Chilean miners. This kind of insanity drives me nuts.

We live in a culture of death: Death to commitment through fruitless s**, death to love through meaningless s*, death to friendship through the assumption of s**, death to children through the assault of s**...

The truth is, most people throughout history have lived without sex for most of their lives.  They started to have s** when they were fertile, and the ceased to have s** when they were not.  With the onset of fertility came responsibility.  We remember Casanova because he was an exception.

Do we really want to make the exception the rule?
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