Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas Potpourri, Day 2 of 12

There is so much to report and contemplate about Christmas this year.  My sister questioned the lifelong work of my father because he is a psychiatrist and the DSM no longer recognizes narcissism and homosexuality as disorders.  Dad's response was, "I have no response to that."  Understand that as a Catholic psychiatrist Dad has participated in exorcisms, and fought the wave of atheism rampant in his field.

My nephew and Godson Johnny had a Christmas crisis.  His sister Grace prodded him with questions regarding his belief in Santa.  He said,  "If Mom and Dad have been lying to me about this all along, then I have to run away."  More to come.

Some dear friends came to visit family and we convinced them to spend a few hours with us.  Our son was bereft when their boys didn't come along.  The baby was a beauteous example of tiny girlhood.  The parents, including us, caught up on the latest and fell back into the friendship that cannot be broken by time or distance.  There is something so deep and wonderful about the depth of love in friendship.  No wonder C.S. Lewis listed it among the Four Loves.  I love them so.  There is no way to lose that bond, but we sure wish it was more frequent.

This was a weird Christmas gift exchange.  We decided to exchange only 'As Seen On T.V.' gifts.  We came home with a kangaroo keeper, a cookie maker,an open-it, a swivel sweeper, and two pairs of dust mopping slippers.  The exchange was a laugh out loud scream, and I strongly recommend it as a theme for any family.  However, there were no snuggies exchanged, and 4 kangaroo keepers.  A word to the wise... Dig Deeper,  and don't discount the importance of the immortal words, "But that's not all.  You'll also receive..."  A selection of gifts exchanged are advertised below...

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good Night!
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