Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Voting for the Little Guys

We just went to vote.  My husband and I sat at a table together, with our son near by, while we consulted a list of candidates that I had prepared.  Local judges, school board members, sheriff, you name it I read the bios and wrote down the names.  The research took about two hours.  It was worth it.

The first reason that it was worth it was because we knew what we were doing.  The second reason is that the result of the School Board races, the result of the Learning Community race (yes we have extra education bureaucracy here!), and the result of the results of the other races dealing with education determine what kind of people our home schooled son will meet as an adult.  The third reason was we ran into a neighbor who is new to the area and didn't have any idea who to vote for.  I asked her if she would like a list of conservative  pro-life candidates.  She said yes, and now she has the list. 

In Nebraska it is still possible to find conservative pro-life Democrats.  Not all of them are what they claim, but many are.  The Dem running for Congress in our district is member of our parish who claims to be pro-life.  He unfortunately support fetal stem cell research, which is a cash cow for grants to The University of Nebraska Medical Center.  Since that is non-negotiable, we voted for the rhino republican.  It's hard for me to realize that Lee Terry is a rhino, because he's younger than I and grew up around the block from me.  He does have a solid pro-life record, so there you go.

On our way home, our son said, voting is very important this year because of the horrible things that will happen if the wrong people get into office.  I said, it is more about stopping the slide into socialism that has begun.  My husband said it is about being sure that we stop new entitlements before people become accustomed to them.  It is nearly impossible to get people off of the dole once they are used to it.

All of these statements are true.

Just be sure that when you vote, you know who you are choosing.  The time is long passed when we could choose based on name recognition.
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