Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A few Comments on the responses of the First Family:

President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and their two daughters Sasha and Malia traveled to Nancy's Restaurant on the waterfront of the Oak Bluffs section of Martha’s Vineyard Wednesday afternoon.
Crowds gathered to watch as the president, wearing his White Sox baseball cap, noted the abundance of Red Sox caps. He and the First Lady shook hands and posed for pictures with folks in the crowd.

The president ordered from the take-out window of the snack bar section of the eatery.
"I love your watch," one woman told the First Lady, referencing a purple watch on her left wrist.

"Oh, thank you,” the First Lady said. “It was a gift.” 
She gestured towards her husband, who was shaking hands behind her.
"I think somebody told him,” she said.

"Where's my wife?" the president asked at one point.
Crowds shouted for her attention.

"How you guys doing?" she asked. "Drying off? Finally."

A few Comments on the responses of the First Family:

Red Sox/White Sox: I only care if children have no socks!

He and the first lady shook hands:  With each other?  It has been rumored there is trouble in paradise.  I don't believe the Oprah stories, but it is strange for his family to be away from him on his birthday.  That's a big day for anyone during the year.  Had he been that narcissistic that his own family cares as little as a conservative voter?

And know that the watch advertised here is not the watch she was wearing.  She says it was a gift and the "gestures to the president."  Does that mean it was a gift to him, her or a gift he needs to explain?  Given that it is purple plastic,  i can't think it was an intimate gift.

"Where's my wife?"  Really if you need to ask you aren't paying attention! And probably should. 

"Drying Off, Finally?"  Rainy weather? 
Given her facial expressions recently, I'd say rainy days and Mondays always get me down...

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