Saturday, March 27, 2010

Undermining parents from media to school.

The following comment will seem random, unless you read all of the way through.

After reading about the mother of a Washington state girl who had an abortion facilitated by her public school clinic, I wrote:

Today I took my son and his friend to see the latest 3D extravaganza, “How to Train your Dragon.” It had the typical kid’s movie plot; young child is smarter than adults and must teach them the truth. There is a subplot of love interest for the heroic teen, and the ‘teens’ of the movie are so dwarfed by the adults as to look more like 8 year old children.

In a world that presents this as the most common story to young children, why not let them choose to have sex too early, and abort the next generation? Because it is wrong.

Children don’t teach parents except in exceptional circumstances. Not all children are exceptional. Not all parents are dolts.

God help this young woman and her family. She will pay in grief for what she has been ‘helped to do.’ Maybe not now, but sometime in the future. Imagine sitting in a bad public school social studies class and thinking, “I killed my baby so that I could continue to do this?”

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